24 Attorneys General Threaten to Sue the President Over Nationwide Vaccine Mandate

WASHINGTON, D.C.- SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2021– A letter signed by 24 state ‘Attorneys General’s, puts the White House on notice. They call to change the nationwide vaccine mandate issued by the president last week.

Calling the plandisastrous and counterproductive“, the 24 attorneys general agreed the vaccine mandate has gone too far. Citing an upstate NY hospital that stopped delivering babies, among other concerns. The attorneys urge the president to “reconsider your unlawful plan and allow people to make their own decisions“.

The letter further calls the presidents edict “illegal”. And calls on the president to alter course, or they would be seeking “every available legal option to hold” the president accountable.

Arizona has already filed suit against the federal government over the mandate. And other states like Florida, have already made their stances to the federal government clear. Further vaccine mandates in many states have already been facing legal opposition.