Florida Governor Says He Will Fight Back Against Federal Vaccine Mandate

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FLORIDA- SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2021– Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis called the federal vaccine mandate unconstitutional and vowed to fight back.

Biden passed a federal vaccine mandate that could effect 10”s of millions of Americans last Thursday. DeSantis said that they will fight back and offer protections to the employees of Florida.

Florida already has the strictest mandates against vaccine passports. And is the only state to have banned vaccine passports entirely. Fining businesses or government entities that require them $5,000. However, the same protections do not yet exist for the employees of businesses. Only their customers. Unlike the state of Montana, where Covid vaccine requirements for employees have been banned entirely.

It is unclear how the governor intends to block the federal mandate at this time. While he clearly anticipates court actions. He made it clear in his speech that more than that needs to be done. insinuating that he will be seeking to pass some legislation.