Mission Statement

“To Protect Rights and Uphold THE Law through awareness of their self-evident, natural, YAH-given foundations.”

What is Healing Law?

Healing Law was created to Uphold the Law through spreading awareness of the natural YAH-given Rights of the People. It’s clear that most people know little to nothing about the Law, the government, and the courts. As a result, the People’s perception of the government’s role has become misinformed.

As a result, we have a government that attempts to coerce the People into consenting through Propaganda and Color of Law. But the Law is ever-present. The Law is self-evident. The Law of our Father in Heaven, YAHUAH, is ever-present. We simply need to recognize. That is the role of Healing Law, to aid the People in recognizing the Law’s origins. So they can Uphold THE Law, and thus preserve their Rights.

Our Founding

After dozens of run-ins with police. From speeding tickets in my teens to sleeping behind an AC unit behind a business, sleeping in my car, and spending 2 years refusing to register my vehicle. It became apparent that the law and courts were unavoidable in my life. But even more importantly there is a huge disconnect between the People, the Law, and the Courts.

Countless police encounters and court hearings taught me one thing. I was clueless about the court system and how to handle police interactions. And so was almost everyone else. But I couldn’t help but wonder why isn’t something we are taught in school?

After years of digging through the information to find the answers, I was looking for. I came to the realization that Law and the Courts are something we the People need to know more about. And while I didn’t know much myself, I became determined to bring this issue to the attention of others. Despite not having the answers determined to learn more I continued learning and writing. Eventually, I established Healing Law in order to bring awareness of the Law and our Rights to the People.

It’s no secret, out Rights are under attack. And in many ways, it’s our own fault. As the Torah teaches us:

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”

-Hosea 4:6

We have to turn back to YAHUAH and see the ways for Nature so that we can restore our Rights, by returning to the Foundational Laws of The Most High.

-Douglas Dedrick, Founder of Healing Law