Cease and Desist Letter Filled Against LA School District’s Vaccine Mandate for Students

LOS ANGELES, CA-September 16th, 2021–On 09/09/2021 Los Angeles Unified School District voted 6-0 to implement a vaccine requirement for all students 12 years and up. In response the Children’s Health Defense to issue a cease and desist letter, warning the school district to halt it’s actions.

The letter, sent on September 13th, claims that the decision is beyond the boards authority. And further cites that California law requires that all vaccines be subject to medical and personal belief exemptions. The letter gave the school board a deadline of Sept. 17th to stop their actions, in order to avoid further legal action.

In related news, this week Los Angeles County announced they would be requiring vaccine passports for bars and breweries, starting in October.

Read the cease and desist letter.