New York Hospital Pauses Maternity Services After 6 Staff Resign in Response to Vaccine Mandate

LOWVILLE, NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2021– The Lewis County Health System in upstate New York will be pausing it’s maternity services due to staffing shortages. The announcement followed the resignation of 6 staff members. Who quit last week as a result of not wanting to receive the vaccine. Additionally, the hospital system was already experiencing a staffing shortage as a result of the mandate.

In total 30 staff have resigned from the system over New York’s covid vaccine mandate for health care workers. And 7 more are considering resigning as well.

As a result, the temporary closure will begin September 25th. Which is only 2 days before the deadline for health care workers to get vaccinated.

This story was originally reported by NNY360.

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