Did Ownage Pranks REALLY get arrested by the FBI? Probably not. And Here’s Why…

Nabil Mady, creator of Ownage Pranks, a YouTube channel with well over 5 million subscribers. Recently came back from a hiatus which lasted about 4 months.

During the time fans were speculating where he had gone. But no one could come up with a good answer.

Then, out of the blue Ownage Prank’s, Nabil Mady reappeared. With a wild story about getting arrested for pranking an FBI agent.

But what still has not appeared, even moths latter are any court filings against him…

So did Ownage Pranks really get arrested?

Probably not, here’s why!

1. No Public Record of The Arrest or Case for Nabil Mady

FBI arrests and complaints are public info. And we simply can’t find a trace of anything that happened. If Ownage Pranks was arrested by the FBI, there would be some sort of record publicly available record.

And there isn’t.

While we did not put in a FOIA request, if the story is true. It shouldn’t be that hard to find.

Additionally, we did reach out to Ownage Pranks asking for any public records, and did not yet receive a response.

The FBI Loves to Make Notable Arrests Public

Look, the FBI and other agencies love to publicize arrests like this. If there was actually an arrest, for some crime committed by Nabil. It would have likely been in a press release on their website.

Such as the case with the arrest of John McAfee and Jimmy Watson.

One reason for publicizing arrests is public education. If a prominent member of the public is arrested for something that most people don’t think is a crime. The FBI would likely make a media scene of it to raise awareness.

Especially if the crime involves a phone prank. Something that any teenager with a cellphone may become a perpetrator of. Which brings me to the next reason that it is highly unlikely the YouTuber Ownage Pranks got arrested…

2. What crime did he commit?

Here’s the deal, prank calls may be annoying, but they aren’t inherently illegal. While it’s true a very upset FBI agent could likely find something. It’s very unlikely.

In the video where Ownage Pranks reveals the alleged ordeal, he made no mention of what he was charged with. And with an audience of over 5 million people, many of them likely being children. Wouldn’t he want to take the time to explain what he was actually charged with and educate his audience? So they don’t make the same mistake.

I mean, he literally has a phone app that can prank call anyone. Shouldn’t he be notifying the young users that might be using that app of the dangerous of prank calling an FBI agent?

Ownage Pranks actually acknowledges that prank calls are generally legal on his own website. Stating that while prank calling with malicious intent may be a criminal issue, it’s generally not a crime to make a prank call otherwise.

3. The Details Don’t Make Sense

Criminal charges take time, especially in a time when Covid lockdowns are shutting down courts frequently, and causing staff shortages. Which slows down an already slow process.

It would have taken a minimum of 2 months to handle the issue in court in a pre-Covid world. During this same 4-month time frame, he spent some undefined amount of time in prison, and still had time to prank call people and create content?

None of the story adds up, and with no public record that exists with any case. We can only be lead to one conclusion. It didn’t happen!

A Staged Prank Call, All for Publicity

When it comes to Ownage Pranks “prank calls” it seems like the only one being pranked is the audience.

Yet, another YouTuber that may have been genuine at one point. Who began to create content for clicks, that isn’t organic in the way he pretends it is.

While he does say the calls are “unscripted” that doesn’t mean they aren’t staged improv. The evidence supporting Ownage Prank’s arrest is greatly lacking. and it seems entirely unlikely that it is a made up story, created to generate clicks.

Which is great for him, but it creates a false perception of the American legal system in the mind of his audience. Many of which are likely young and impressionable.

Unfortunately, this video went a bridge to far, and exposes Ownage Pranks creator for what he is.

In short: there is NO evidence that Nabil Mady aka Ownage Pranks was arrested by the FBI for prank calling an agent.