180 Health Care Workers Sue to Block Vaccine Federal Vaccine Mandate in Minnesota

MINNESOTA- September 30th, 2021– On Monday a group of healthcare workers filed a lawsuit to block a vaccine mandate in Minnesota. The lawsuit is names the United States Department of Health and Human Services , the US Secretary of State, the CDC,and others as defendants.

Furthermore Plaintiffs have used pseudonyms out of fear of being publicly shamed for being “anti-vaxxers’ etc.

The lawsuit calls for injunctive and declaratory relief under:

  • Religious Freedom Restoration Act,
  • First Amendment’s Free Exercise Rights,
  • Federal Use Authorization Act,
  • Americans with Disabilities Act,
  • Minnesota’s Human Rights Act
  • And Minnesota’s Refusal of Treatment Law.

Similar lawsuits have been filed by health care workers and first responders in Maine, New York, and Oregon.