New York Suspends Unemployment Benefits to Healthcare Workers Fired For Covid Vaccine Refusal

ALBANY, NEW YORK- September 27th, 2021– Healthcare workers who refuse to the vaccine in NY will go from “hero’s to zero’s”. As the state turns their back on the same people that carried the state through the Covid pandemic. According to the Department of Labor. The state will not be extending unemployment benefits to health care workers, who are fired for refusing to take the Covid injection.

The mandate, which went into effect Monday requires all health care professionals to receive the Covid vaccine or face termination. Regardless of their religious or personally held beliefs. Medical Workers who have not yet received one dose of the Covid vaccine and do not have a medical exemption. Will be subject to termination.

As stated on the State’s website:

“The Department of Labor has issued guidance to clarify that workers who are terminated because of refusal to be vaccinated are not eligible for unemployment insurance absent a valid doctor-approved request for medical accommodation.”

As a result of the mandate. The state is anticipating staffing shortages as an impact of the vaccine mandate. And may send call upon the National Guard. Or doctors and nurses from other states to come in if need be.