Facebook Shut Down 1 Day After SEC Whistle Blower Comes Public on 60 Minutes

October 5th, 2021 UPDATE: As of the publication of this article. Facebook states that the shut down was accidental. But the timing was very odd.

October 4th, 2021- In a 60 Minutes Interview Francis Haugen came public as the Facebook whistle blower. Within hours of the interview, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were down. In September the documents that Haugen copied were anonymously released through the Wall Street Journal.

Haugen alleges that Facebook intentionally amplifies hate, and harmful to the public. And provided 10’s of 1000’s of documents illustrating the companies internal research showed that intentionally eliciting hateful emotions caused more user engagement.

She further asserts that Instagram’s internal research shows. That Instagram caused teenage girls to become depressed and uncomfortable with their bodies. Which resulted in them using the app even more.

Haugens attorneys filled 6 complaints with the Securities Exchange Commission in September. Alleging that the stances the company shared with it’s investors, did not align with it’s internal values. Haugen.

While it is not yet known why Facebook and it’s sister sites are down. The timing may suggest that it is either attempting to cover up it’s actions to protect itself from federal oversight.

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