Police and Firefighters Sue Oregon and Governor Brown Over Vaccine Mandate

JEFFERSON COUNTY , OREGON- SEPTEMBER 5th, 2021- On Friday 09/03/21 a lawsuit was filed by a group of firefighters and police officers in Oregon. The lawsuit calls for a judgement declaring that the governor’s mandate for state employees to receive the Covid vaccine unlawful.

Further, the lawsuit also mentions that vaccine companies are not liable for any damages under the PREP Act. As a result the lawsuit claims that the governor’s mandate, combined with the PREP act would deprive the Plaintiffs’ of any legal recourse should they take the vaccine.

The Law of the Case

In the complaint Plaintiffs claim that the mandate is violates several of their rights, and even Oregon’s statutory laws.

The suit claims that the order violates Plaintiffs’ rights under:

  • ORS 433.416,
  • Article 1 Section 8 of the Oregon State Constitution,
  • and The United States Constitution.

Further they claim the order also violates:

  • Oregon’s privileges and immunity clause,
  • The United Stats grant of equal protection under the law,
  • and Article 1 Section 22, Article III Sec. 1 and article IV Sec. 1 of Oregon’s Constitution.

As such Plaintiff’s claim that the order will result in wrongful termination.

Exhibit B- Governor Browns Facebook Page

One can’t help but laugh that Exhibit B, which is a screenshot of a post from Brown’s Facebook. The post was presumably included to show the hypocrisy of the governors order.

The post from Brown’s Facebook reads:

“To lead thriving lives, Oregonians must have the ability to control our own bodies and make informed decisions about our health.”

Relief Sought in the Suit

Plaintiffs are seeking a declaratory judgement declaring Governor Brown’s Executive Order 21-29 unlawful.

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