Maine’s Governor Delays Vaccine Mandate By 1 Month {As Lawsuits Pile Up}

SEPTEMBER 13th, 2021MAINE- There are several pending lawsuits in Maine against the governors vaccine mandate for health care workers. One suit with 2000 anonymous complainants which takes aim at Governor Mills herself.

According to the Maine Wire, the hearing was postponed until September 20th, in response to the governor pushing the vaccine mandate deadline for health care workers up by two weeks.

Previously, the mandate would have required health care workers to be fully vaccinated by September 17th. In order to meet the previous October 1st deadline. However, the administration has moved that deadline for health care workers up to October 29th. Giving them one more month to comply with the mandate, or find an alternative path.

Similar suits have been filed against Maine’s Department of Health and Center for Disease Control.