What the Case of Amos Miller Vs. US Shows Us About the People, the Law and Government

Recently we covered the story of Amos Miller, a farmer, who now faces potential arrest. This threat of a arrest stems from Miller’s failure to pay fines associated with the way in which he prepared the food he was selling. And while he has injured no one, and has a solid defense, the “government” continues to pursue charges and appears to be trying to ruin his life. For example, trying to add his wife as a defendant in the case.

Today, I don’t want to focus too much on Miller himself, but what this case shows us about the current state of the People, and oure perception of what the law and government actually are.

Let’s start by looking into Millers strange defense.

Miller’s Over-Complicated Defense

In early 2022, Miller filed an affidavit in a case which was previously dismissed in 2017. In his affidavit to the already dismissed charges Miller applies nearly every type of rebuttable I have seen to refute government complaints.


  • The Copyright Act,
  • A Discharged copy of his birth certificate (picture above),
  • Appeals to UCC laws,
  • Trust agreements,
  • Bonds,
  • Etc.

And if you have no idea what I am talking about, take a look at the affidavit. And even then, you will probably still be confused. Here’s the deal, there are ways to represent yourself in court successfully. But in my opinion the current strategies being employed by Miller are the same ones that get many thrown in jail, often for contempt of court.

While I grasp the reasoning behind the various claims he is asserting. It’s simple too complicated, and can be easily dismissed by an impatient judge or jury.

For example, he mentions surety bonds which are used to ensure a public official, acts are in good faith, the other language in the affidavit appears to be over the top. In most circumstances it’s best to keep affidavits and other court filings short and to the point so that the average individual can grasp the concepts being put forth. Being too wordy is a sure-fire way to distract from any of the solid issues you are attempting to raise.

The “sovereign citizen” Movement is Only Making Things Worse

So there is some merit to the claims being laid out by Miller, and the many individuals that are a part of the “sovereign citizen” ideology. However, in my opinion, their strategy is flawed, and this is proven time and time again.

Largely because it’s downright confusing. If I didn’t know better, its appears to be a strategy that is pushed forth unintentionally to misguide and confuse people when they eventually get on the right track.

I don’t want to bash Miller for his approach, afterall he is certainly a courageous individual to take a stand in the way that he has for what is now the better part of a decade. However, a simple approach is often the best one.

The Solution: Keep Things Simple

Years ago, before NY officially “blocked” religious exemptions for vaccines, there was a case of a woman who refused to vaccinate her child. While here claims to religious freedom were clear, her case was polluted with unnecessary points/ Instead of making one or two solid arguments, she listed 10 or more.

Which led the judge to deem her claims of her religious beliefs insincere. In fact he said that if she had simply stuck to that point and argued it, he would have likely sided with her.

And Miller has several, simple defenses. The strongest of which I will get to next.

Keeping legal arguments simple is a point that attorney David Reischer expounded upon in our guide to representing yourself in court.

Private Member Associations (PMA’s) Are (Mostly) Exempt from Federal Rule

Here is possibly the strongest defense Miller has. He was operating his business as a Private Member Association (PMA). PMA’s are not public businesses, nor do they operate in the public, and are thus exempt from nearly all federal regulations.

In fact, generally PMA’s are exempt form state county and even federal laws, unless they pose eminent danger or are actively violating someones rights.

For example, PMA’s were used during the prohibition to allow the sale of alcohol to the members of the private business. Pennsylvania

To this day many states such as North Carolina still have bars that operate as PMA’s to bypass state liquor selling requirements, such as requirements that a certain percentage of sales be food related.

This concept is, simple living Men and Women have a Right to Contract freely.

The Problem: Law Has Been Intentionally Made Unclear

Look, we have been so trained to accept a perception of law that is literal insanity when you break it down. The truth of the matter is living Men and Women have a God-given Right to be heard in court. Note: Living Men and Women.

Further, if there is no injured man or woman to raise claims against their aggressor, there truly is no bounds for a case to proceed. In it’s complaint the US Government “Prays for Relief” but how was it injured?

Here’s the deal, we have become conditioned to believe that the “government” can simply act as a man or a woman. In fact, we have gone so far down this road that corporations even act as people in court. But they have no flesh and bones, no breath of life and no God-given rights. In fact, in much the same way corporations are creatures of the state, the government is a creature of the People. Deriving it’s just powers from the consent of the governed.

Yet the People have forgotten the role of the government and it has all but taken on a life of its own.

Something to think About: What is the government?

Look, I can’t finish this article without making the point: WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT?

Seriously have you ever sat and thought about that?

Is it sitting in an office chair?

Can it physically appear in a courtroom?

This story has government actors or agents that are seeking to jail a man. A man who appears to have injured no one, has people pretending to be government agents (the attorneys), who are attempting to act as the US Federal Government under the guise that they are acting on an actual entity known as the US Governments behalf. Also known as COLOR OF LAW.

What gives them the right to act as the government and not Miller? Is there any justification for the crimes these government “actors’ are living against Amos? Or are they simply acting out of special interests, or seeking personal gain?

We the People made this government, we make it every moment with every breath and every thought. But much like the government has forgotten its creator, we have forgotten ours. And as a result, our creation attempts to control us, much like the sinful form of man and woman attempts to control or ignore the constraints of the Creator.

We the People have no rights without acknowledging the source of those Rights. And The Most High is using the creation of man known as the government to illustrate how we are behaving. Perhaps this is the time to recognize the true origin of out Rights and Liberties, otherwise we risk losing them forever.

Everyone talks about Liberty over Death, but few realize, its a Death to Ignorance we must overcome to achieve Liberty. Not a physical one.

This is a spiritual war, and the US Government is simply that, a spirit. Spirit from Latin spiritus meaning breath. Our thoughts and words.

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

-Ephesians 6:12

How can you help Miller?

Well, I’d love to give you something useful. Yet that is the interesting thing about this life. We have to do the work ourselves for ourselves really. However, Miller appears to be a fascinating lens through which to see the current state of the American People and their battle with their own creation.

So, how can you help Miller?

Well, for one, begin to research the law that we have become foreign too. Beyond that, share this story and let the actors pretending to be the government know that we are watching.

Further, the Rebel who has done a lot to promote this story has started a petition. However, petitions are largely a joke, simply another piece of paper like the claims made be copy and paste 1990 sovereign citizens.

We the People MUST come back to the knowledge that Law flows through us when we obey our Creator. Without living Men and Women there is no Law or Government.

So let’s breath life into what is right. And stand against the conspiracies of the wicked.

Con-: ‘together’ -spire: “breath or spirit”.

Conspiracy = To Breathe Together

Much like,

Con-: ‘Together’ -gress: ‘to walk’

Congress = To Walk Together