Your Right to Be Heard: Protesting NOT the Solution! This is…

With all these protests going around the country in response to the George Floyd coverage, one is left wondering…..

Do protests even work to enact change in government policies? 

And if protests don’t, what is the alternative.  And how do I enforce my right to be heard?

Today, we will be taking a look at just that! 

Sound like a plan? Then let’s get started!

Do Protests Even Work?

Look, I have been to my fair share of protests. 

As an avid attendee of the “occupy” movement in 2012 (mostly because I was living in the park where they decided to camp).

I am very fairly familiar with what a protest is.

Here’s the catch! In my personal experience, protesting is simply, ineffective. 

Sure, it’s fun to go out and yell in the streets, and you may sway public opinion (usually in the opposite direction). But as a direct method of forcing the government to do what is right….

Protesting is entirely ineffective!! 

Especially, when property is getting damaged. Protesting can have the opposite effect. 

“Protesting is effective only via the “political process”, NOT DIRECTLY ! ! !”

-Dr. Frederick David Graves, Founder of

If not protesting, how can we force the government to do what is right?

So, if protesting isn’t the answer. WHAT IS?!

Well, that’s why I reached out to Dr. Frederick Graves in the first place.

He has been working since 1997 with his course Jurisdictonary, “How to Win in Court without a Lawyer”, to make using the courts accessible to everyone. 

Even if you can’t afford an attorney

“You and everyone you know has the right to sue for money damages and, if you’ve been paying attention, that is how change is effected by the people directly without political cooperation! “

-Dr. Frederick David Graves

So I have the right to sue for money… BUT I WANT TO CHANGE THE LAW!

Well, here’s the deal….

“Lawsuits change the law every day of the week … much more often than by legislatures or executive officers acting.”

-Dr. Frederick David Graves

It’s true, by utilizing the court system. YOU CAN change the law. 

How do I enforce my right to be heard?

Get this, one of the most overlooked rights we have in America, is the “right to be heard”. 

But the right to be heard, isn’t the same as marching in the streets. The right to be heard is enforced in a court of law

“Anyone with an average 8th grade education can learn how to draft effective pleadings and handle court procedures in 24 hours and BE HEARD BY JUDGES WHETHER THE JUDGES LIKE IT OR NOT ! ! !”

-Dr. Frederick David Graves

So why are the People so unfamiliar with how to use the courts?

It’s simple, lawyers have worked hard to keep the people from knowing the truth. 

This isn’t anything new either! Yahushua (BKA Jesus) called out lawyers for hiding the truth 2000 years ago!

Woe unto you, lawyers! For ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.” -Luke 11:52

And that was a point that Dr. Frederick Graves raised too!

“The professional bar has led people to believe the court system is too complicated for non-lawyers to understand. Please click the TESTIMONIALS button on our website and learn what average people have to say about that.” 

-Dr. Frederick David Graves

If the information has been hidden. How can I exercise my right to be heard in the courts?

Well, as many say. We live in the age of information!

With Google, countless websites, and law libraries…

You have all of the tools at your fingertips to:

  • Learn what you need to know.
  • Enforce YOUR right to be heard

“All that’s needed is for people to KNOW THE POWER IS AVAILABLE TO THEM and for them to make up their minds that complaining doesn’t get much done. ACTION is always the only long-term solution.”

“That action can be setting fire to the property of innocent people “to be heard”, or the action can be a lawsuit forcing judges to issue money judgments for millions of dollars against wrong-doers.”

-Dr. Frederick David Graves

When you put it that way Dr. Frederick Graves, I think I will take the money! 

Even if it involves a bit of paperwork….

The Bottom Line on Your Right To Be Heard

It may take some hard work and dedication. But anyone can learn the law and how to use it to keep the government in its place. 

Protesting is a big show of emotion. It may look interesting on the media, it may shed light on an issue.

But guess what!

The media can use protestors’ heightened emotions to spin whatever narrative they want! And when the media and the government fit together like a hand and glove… Well, you can piece the rest together.

Your best bet, in my opinion, is to learn “how to win in court without a lawyer!”.

….take Dr. Frederick David Graves’ course Jurisdicitonary

I did! 

Either way, take the time to learn the law and arm yourself with valuable knowledge that lawyers spend years in school to learn!

Until next time…