Public Opinion on First Amendment Audits and How They Can Be Improved

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A readers opinion on how First Amendment Audits could be improved:


Thank you for the details related to first amendment audits.

A couple of concerns.

I agree that these Audits do a lot of good things however, there are also situations that are very poor. Disrespectful attitude bad language and the time waisted due to the auditors attitude.

People are out on the defensive when a stranger with a camera is taking videos or pictures. Due to all the violence we the people are on guard.

Then when the Auditor is asked what are you doing they may or not answer. Then when asked to see identification by police or the authority being audited they say ” I don’t have to give you identification” however, the officer the employees when asked for identification and they don’t answer the the issue starts.

Most of these videos could be much better if the auditor gives the respect to the person they encounter the same respect they are expecting. The auditors say “did you get an education” to the police or the person on the street. That is disrespectful and puts those on the defensive. There are many comments made by the auditor that if not said would make for a much better end result.

When an audit is done the auditor has set goals these constitutional auditors do as well. The difference is the auditor issues a report with the non conforming violations then it is reviewed by the company or entity responsible those changes are agreed upon and a action plan is developed, time frames agreed upon and a date to insure the non conforming items have been addresed.

The Constitutional auditor is working open loop, not responsible to anyone, they have the attitude they can say what ever they want and there is no accountability. When the police or employes of the audited public place are held accountable.

As in life there are checks and balances, for this situation there are no checks and balances required for the Constitutional auditor.

This situation must be addressed so all involved feel they are on equal ground.

Thank you for the time.

I am looking forward to your response.