Ohio Father FORCES an END to School Board’s Mask Mandate for Children

JEFFERSON COUNTY, OHIO November 14th, 2021– Indian Creek Local Board of Education has decided not to extend their mask mandate policy; after a resident demanded they come to an end. While he has no children in the district himself. A man preferring to be recognized as Steve is a father and a Jefferson County resident. He and several others appeared maskless at a Board Meeting on Thursday, October 21st.

But Steve came prepared with more than words. He had the law on his side.

“Either stand down or I personally assure you I’m going to (take actionThe wheels of justice will be brought to bear on you in ways you cannot even imagine. Many of you could be in violation under the laws and statutes,…. This ends tonight.”

-Steve Said Before the Board

In a future article, we will get into the specifics of how Steve was able to demand that the board adhere to the law. But in short, public officials are required to carry surety bonds. These bonds are to ensure the faithful performance of the duties of a public official. Without these bonds, a public official can not hold office. And if an official receives too many claims against them, could have their bonds revoked.

Armed with this knowledge, Steve stood before the school board and read a document he had drafted. In the document, Steve clarifies that he is not asking questions but is rather “making statements.”

Get this before citing any statutes. Steve reminded the board, “It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.” by citing Luke 17:2.

He then pointed to Ohio’s Revised Statutes Section 3.061, a statute that requires public officials to be adequately bonded so that the public may have recourse.

“Allow me to clarify what this all means. You folks who are bonded, are carrying individual liability insurance. So if in your acting capacity as a public official, if you cause wrong or harm, we the people have a recourse. And can hold you accountable, and do not have to wait for the next election.”

-Steve Stated

Steve then cited Ohio’s Revised Code 3.07, which essentially states that anyone holding office under the Constitution of Ohio shall forfeit office if one “willfully and flagrantly exercises authority or power not authorized by law…”

Then he stated his claim, “I have written claims against your bonds, and I will personally put them in the hands of every parent in this district.” His document reads.

Finally, he demanded the committee take a vote by all members of the board on all Covid guidelines. While at first the board still overlooked his claim, the other maskless parents attending forced the vote. As a result, the board voted not to extend the district’s mandate.

Steve has reported to me that the neighboring district of Stuebville, Ohio has also since dropped their mask mandate for students.

You can listen to Steve on this podcast explaining his process deeper in Episode 225 of American Education PM.

Here are the school board’s minutes of the evening. Which read plainly:

“Steve Socha, Wintersville resident, spoke against the District mask policy noting that he will take legal action if the policy continues.”

The local paper Herald-Star reported on the meeting. We have also confirmed the mask mandate removal with the school board, and are waiting on them to approve the meeting minutes for the evening in question.

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