Does Equifax Owe You $125 or More?

Look, we all love free money, but…

If you qualify for compensation from the Equifax class-action lawsuit,

The cost you may be facing could be that: the Equifax data breach let your personal data get leaked to malicious parties.

This may come as a surprise, but information of over 143 million Americans was leaked through the Equifax Data Breach.

Get this, if you are one of those 143 million Americans, Equifax may owe you $125 or possibly more… much more.

How do you find out? Lets take a look…

Do you Qualify for Money from the Class-action Lawsuit?

Here’s the deal, I know why you are here. You want to know if you qualify for free money.

I’ll cut to the chase, if you want to see if you qualify for financial compensation from the Equifax Class-action lawsuit you can go to the Equifax Data Breach Settlement linked above to see if you qualify.

By going to the link above, you can see if your information was breached in the hack, and you can even file your Equifax data breach claim.

Was Your Identity Compromised By the Equifax Data Breach?

If your information was compromised, Equifax may be liable to pay you $125, and it only takes a few minutes to see if you quality for the Equifax class action and file your claim.

I first found out about this class action from Wired magazines article.

But the $125 is only the start. If your identity was stolen, or other issues occurred with your credit, you can claim the time it takes to repair your credit. Although, you may want to hire a lawyer or accountant to help you work out the costs. But you may even qualify for much more than $125

Possibly tens of thousands of dollars.

This is all dependent on the amount of time it has taken you to repair your credit, and of course if your identity or credit issues are a result of the Equifax Data Breach.

Free Credit Monitoring Data Breach Compensation

If you qualify for compensation from Equifax data breach, you may opt out of financial compensation and instead opt for 10 years of credit monitoring from Equifax.

If your credit is something you are worried about, you may opt for the credit monitoring option over financial compensation. This may be a good idea, as your identity was possibly compromised by the data breach.

The Bottom Line on Equifax Data Breach Compensation

In 2017, it was uncovered that: the financial information of 147 million Americans was compromised. If your information was leaked, you may qualify for compensation. You may qualify for much more from the data breach via the class action lawsuit brought against Equifax if your information leak resulted in- identity theft or similar issues.

To see if your information was compromised you can check here. If you have any questions, you may want to consult your attorney or accountant.

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