Represent Yourself in Court


Represent Yourself in Court

Preparing and Winning a Civil Case

By Paul Bergman, J/D. & Attorney Sara Berman

600 Pages 10th Edition

1.2″ H x 8.9″ L x 6.9″ W (1.9 lbs)


Includes Sample Documents and Glossary.

This book has nearly everything you need to represent yourself in a civil matter. The book is written by law professionals who genuinely believe that anyone can represent themselves in court for most issues.

Topics include:

  • Court Rules that you can use to control evidence
  • Tactics lawyers use to intimidate pro se litigants and how to counteract them
  • How to file a civil complaint from beginning to end
  • How to file pretrial motions
  • How to file motions
  • How to serve your adversary
  • Finding expert witnesses
  • Collecting Judgements
  • Defending yourself in civil matters.
  • And much more!

Represent yourself in court book on desk. Book by NOLO


Represent Yourself in Court

Published by Nolo

This in depth book on representing yourself in court is incredibly valuable, and was published by NOLO who’s slogan is “LAW for ALL”. Their publishing company is dedicated to helping people represent themselves in legal matters. Despite the heat from the Bar and lawyers, they have been publishing great content since the 1970’s.

I personally find this book to be a great resource. Whether or not you ever expect to use this book to represent yourself in court, having this book on hand can be tremendously valuable.

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Represent yourself in court book on desk. Book by NOLO


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