Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court


Everybody's guide to small claims court. Book by Nolo

Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court

By: Attorney Cara O’Neil

432 pages 18th Edition

1.1″ H x 8.6″ L x 6.8″ W (1.45 lbs)

ISBN: 1413327338   EAN: 9781413327335

Includes Effective Negotiation Strategies.

This book has nearly everything you need to file and win a case in small claims court, without a lawyer.

Topics include:

  • Settling a dispute
  • Suing different kinds of defendants i.e businesses, individuals, corporations…
  • Serving papers
  • Filling fees and court costs
  • How to defend yourself
  • Motor vehicle repair cases
  • Motor vehicle purchase cases
  • Bad debts
  • Vehicle accident cases
  • Landlord-tenant cases
  • Judgement and appeal
  • Collecting on your judgement.
  • And much more!



Everybody’s Guide to Small Claims Court

Published by Nolo

This in depth book on representing yourself in court is incredibly valuable, and was published by NOLO who’s slogan is LAW for ALL. Their publishing company is dedicated to helping people represent themselves in legal matters. Despite the heat from the Bar and lawyers, they have been publishing great content since the 1970’s.

I personally find this book to be a great resource. This book shows how to handle small claims court on your own. Whether it is a care accident, or a dispute over owed wages. This book shows you how to file and win a case in small claims court.

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Small claims court book, how to file cases on your own and win.


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