What Does it Really Mean “Defund the Police”?

These days it seems that every few months there is a new call from the “revolutionaries” in the streets.

The most recent call to “defund the Police”, is particularly misleading.

In a recent post, we looked at possible reasons the deceptive slogan may be being used.

But today, lets break down the 3 perspectives involved to find out why such confusion exists.

And then we can see what the call to defund the police really means.

Why is the call to defund the police so confusing?

In order to see why the call to defund the police is so confusing. We must first recognize the movement for what it is.


This point seems more important than any in order to truly have a meaningful discussion about what is going on.

At first I thought, “defunding the police is an absurd motion!” And on it’s face, it absolutely is.

But there are actually 3 MAIN perspectives here that need to be considered.

And seeing the picture these 3 pieces create will help you better understand what is really going on here.

Perspective #1: The People in The Streets LITERALLY Want to Defund the Police

First, the people in the streets are emotionally charged. And are easily lead into chanting something like “defund the police”.

And most of those people in the streets literally want the police to be dismantled entirely.

That is what they think they are calling for. The ending of all police!

The surface level thinking seen at protests is the perfect breeding ground to establish whatever narrative you want to get out.

Unfortunately, the people in the streets don’t see that they are being played by the second perspective in this picture (the community organizers).

That is why it is often best to express your right to be heard, in the courts, not the streets.

Perspective #2: The Protest Organizers Want to Change Policing

Next, the second perspective is the community organizers who are actually pushing for legislative changes and changes in the courts.

Those organizers who are publicly in charge of pushing the cause, are pushing for something much different.

What is ACTUALLY being pushed forward is more specialized and targeted policing units.

And it’s actually not a terrible idea. Police should be trained for specific duties.

Police are already specialized in things like bomb squad and terrorist units.

The community organizers are pushing for things like specialized training for:

  • Mental health
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug use
  • Traffic enforcement (or even less traffic enforcement)

Perspective #3: The Public Who is Justly Confused

Finally, you have the general public who see the people in the streets calling for defunding the police.

As well as the community organizers calling for police specialization on the news.

Naturally, these two conflicting perspectives sow confusion among the general public.

The message “defund the police” is DECEITFUL.

So the public has a hard time catching up with what is really going on.

The Result of these 3 Perspectives

These 3 perspectives result in a contentious stage. Resulting in a lot of debate and confusion, all the while…

The community organizers, or whoever organizes the gatherings, are the only ones fully aware of the situation. And they push their agenda in the background….

Hoping we don’t see what they are really pushing for.

And what that really is, has yet to be seen.

The Bottom Line on the Call to Defund the Police

Truth is, there is something being hidden behind the confusing call to defund the police.

There is a reason that community organizers are not being public about what they are actually looking for. And I encourage you to beware of this and look for the reason behind the deceiving message.

Of course there are many possibilities, but only time will tell!

Until Next time….