Federal Laws on Coronavirus (Covid-19) ARCHIVED

Ever Since the first Covid-19 Stimulus Package was signed into law on March 27th. Not much has happened to support the people and businesses impacted by the Covid-19 shut down.

But with the second Covid-19 Stimulus package right around the corner. What should you expect?

-A second $1,200 stimulus check is likely in the works for most Americans.

– $500 for each child in the household

-That is not to mention SBA loans, PPP (Paycheck Protection programs), and unemployment programs.

This bill is currently still being debated in the legislative branches of the government But it will likely be a repeat of the first stimulus package, with some added funding.

More info on the second 2020 Covid-19 Stimulus Package

In a shocking decision, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin overturned the Stay at Home order in Wisconsin in a 4-3 ruling. immediately overturning the lock down. See entire Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling for more information.

Shelly Luther is released from jail after Texas Supreme Court Ruled her jailing was unconstitutional. See the Texas Supreme Court decision 20-0363.

Oklahoma, Colorado, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas begin to move forward with resuming business as usual.

The Senate has approved a second Covid-19 stimulus package which included small business funding, and funding for hospitals. More details on the stimulus package.

And get this! Drunk driving incidents are likely declining as a result of Covid-19 related executive orders.

Covid-19 restrictions may soon begin to lighten as President Trump starts pressuring states to open on Twitter.

That is not all, Florida begins opening it’s beaches. Jacksonville County Florida will begin to lessen it’s restrictions on beach access in the county.

Will other states and counties follow suit? Stay tuned!

The All Dependents Count Act which has been proposed would expand the definition of “dependent” under the Covid-19 stimulus package.

This bill would expand the definition, under the stimulus package, to include dependents over the age of 16. This would include College Students and some disabled dependents.

In other news, we have updated state level executive orders.

Also, be Aware of Covid-19 Related Scams

Mnuchin assures everyone that the $1,200 checks which will be mailed to Americans will take 2 weeks more.

Be Aware of Covid-19 Related Scams

Additionally, the SBA has many loan options prompted by the stimulus package. Many small businesses likely quality for Covid-19 emergency loans through the SBA. See more info here.

President Trump, who hoped to have things back to normal by Easter has extended the social distancing guidelines through April. Although these are suggestions not necessarily law.

In other news, the Federal Reserves has announced that it will loosen lending requirements during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The new “standardized approach for measuring counterparty credit risk rule” (SA-CRR) Will expire on March 31st, 2020. More info here.

Trump Has officially signed the Covid-19 Stimulus package making it law.


Under the temporary suspension of EPA regulations will no longer be enforced. This means that companies that produce air pollution or pollute waterways, no longer be punished.

Although not explicitly stated, this likely also means that standards for legally safe drinking water may no longer apply.  More information is needed.

  •  More information here.

More information soon! (STAY TUNED)

– The Senate aims to vote on the coronavirus stimulus package.

The proposed package includes:

  • $1,200 check for each American making under $75,000
  • An expansion of unemployment benefits
  • Emergency small business loans
  • Government bailouts for distressed companies
  • Additional funding to hospitals.

– These are still subject to change pending the Senate vote.


-The FDA has approved the first coronavirus treatment. Which involves infusing blood plasma from recovered patients. More information from the FDA

-Still no decision on Coronavirus stimulus package.


-Mnuchin pleads with democrats and republicans to thresh out a deal over a $2 billion bail out package for Americans.

-The relief packs would include monthly checks for Americans who have been put out of business. The amount the the process are still being debated.

-More information on federal laws relating to Covid-19 can be found on Government Response to Coronavirus, COVID-19


-The state department issued a stern warning to Americans to not travel overseas.

-Their warning suggests that if Americans do not come back immediately, or leave the country, they may not be able to come back.

More information here



-According to Mnuchin each American household will receive $1000 per adult, and $500 per child

-However, the process will take longer than originally anticipated.

-After H.R. 6201 passed the house, President Trump signed the bill into law.

-The bill provides relief measures such as paid sick leave and other measures to protect Americans financially, during the coronavirus halt.

More information on H. R. 6201

-This legislation is pending and has been changing frequently. Subscribe for updates!

Which includes but is not limited to limiting social gatherings to no more than 10 people and urged governors to close schools for 15 days. For more on school closings See School Closures.

President Trump also suggested not to eat out at restaurants and bars. Though his statements are not law, they will likely influence state level laws. And also advised against visiting nursing or retirement homes.

-More information

The Fed, cut interest rates to 0-.25%.

H.R. 6201 (Is now law) Families First Coronavirus Response Act included…

  • Paid sick leave for those affected by Coronavirus
  • Free Coronavirus (Covid-19) testing
  • Benefits for children and families (ex. unemployment insurance)
  • Protections for those working in the public health sector