Rittenhouse Is Acquitted of All Charges in The Kenosha Shooting Last Fall

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN- November 19th, 2021– On Friday evening, the Jury reached a verdict in the Rittenhouse Trial, acquitting him off all 5 charges that were against him. The Jury has unanimously agreed to acquit Kyle Rittenhouse, after agreeing that his actions were in self-defense.

Minutes from the Court on Acquittal Day

Minutes: Day 15. Clerk/T. Lema. Same appearances. Jurors continue deliberations. Verdict has been reached. Extra jurors summoned into courtroom @ 12:10pm. Twelve jurors summoned into the courtroom @ 12:11pm. Verdicts read. Deft found not guilty on five counts. No request to poll the jury. Jurors excused @ 12:17pm. Defense moves for judgment on the verdict. Defense motion is granted. Case dismissed with prejudice. Issue of bond will be addressed at a later hrg. – Week 3 of the Rittenhouse trial.