OSHA’s ‘Emergency Temporary Standard’ Vaccine Mandate is Placed in Indefinite Hold

November 17th, 2021– OSHA has accepted the current status of the ‘Emergency Temporary Standard’ (ETS), as indefinitely halted. The ETS is essentially the ‘boots on the ground’ of Biden’s vaccine mandate. And was met with challenges the same day it was announced. In fact, the Daily Wire filled a petition in a federal court before the regulations were even published in the Federal Register.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed with a complaint filled by a group of states against OSHA’s regulations. And has stayed the ETS vaccine regulations. OSHA sought “emergency relief” but the Court denied their motion. Now a lottery has determined that the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals will decide the fate of OSHA’s ETS.

For now, OSHA has accepted the Court’s ruling, and has halted the progress of the ETS Covid vaccine mandates and testing legislation.

CVR Rating: This article addresses Class 3 CVRs. According to our system of grading vaccine requirements.