Judge Halts New York’s Court System Covid Vaccine Mandate for Union of Court Employees

ALBANY, NEW YORK- September 24th, 2021– A New York judge has granted a temporary restraining order. Barring the Court System from enforcing it’s vaccine mandate on a union of court employees. The vaccine mandate was is set to go in effect Monday September 27th will not apply to the Plaintiffs.

The Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) represented approximately 5,800 Unified Court System employees who work throughout the state. They now have until at least next Friday when a second hearing is set on October the 1st. When the judge will hear additional arguments from both sides.

This comes just days after a NYC judge overturned a restraining order against New York, in regards to it’s enforcement of it’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

The CSEA charged the court system with an “improper practice charge”. Because the Court System attempted to impose a term of employment without negotiating changes with the union. CSEA is simply enforcing it’s collective bargaining rights with the Court System.

In a statement published on the unions site the union director stated:

“This is a victory for the labor relations process, and reaffirms that the Court System is not above the Taylor Law, just like any other public employer in New York State,”

“CSEA is supportive of efforts to keep our state workplaces safer, but these changes must respect the legal bargaining rights of workers.”

-Mark Kotzin, CSEA Communications Director