Los Angeles Mayor Signs ‘Strictest’ Vaccine Passport Mandate in the Country {Does Include Religious Exemption}

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- October 6th, 2021- Los Angle’s Mayor Eric Garcetti signed LA’s vaccine passport mandate hours after it passed the city council. The mandate is considered to be one of the strictest in the country. Calling for proof of vaccination to enter the ‘indoor portion of a covered location’.

The mandate applies to a ‘covered location’ or the covered portion thereof. Which means it would apply to grocery stores, as well as restaurants.

Read The Signed Mandate Here

So far only a few cities have passed vaccine passport mandates. These include New York City and San Fransisco. Unlike other mandates, Los Angeles vaccine passport includes exemptions for sincerely held religious beliefs. The mandate also includes medical exemptions.

To be eligible for religious exemption:

“To be eligible for an exemption due to a sincerely held religious belief, the Patron must provide the Covered Location with a self-attestation that the Patron has a sincerely held religious belief that qualifies the Patron for the exemption.

The measure which was initially voted on in August, and had at that time included “retail establishments”. However the official mandate seems to have changed the requirements to be in effect for any “covered location”. The new mandate is not set to expire until 10/01/2023.