Businesses Are Already Taking a Stand Against NYC Vaccine Mandate

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK August 3rd 2021– As New York City sets a vaccine mandate, coined the “Key to NYC”. Some small businesses such as the Rossman Repair Group are already saying “No”.

NYC’s new mandate would require that certain indoor establishments check the vaccination status of their employees and their customers. And withen 24 hours, some small business owners are already saying that they will not be enforcing these measures.

Louis Rossman of the Rossman Repair Group took to Youtube and released a video he entitled: I am an NYC business owner and I will NOT follow Mayor DeBlasio’s order.

In his video, Rossman commented on how much of a struggle it has been for businesses in NYC to survive the existing Covid-19 mandates. And how this mandate will only serve to further limit how many customers “desperate” businesses can serve.

In his video, he made the following remarks.

“I would like to discuss how many of our politicians in New York City don’t seem to understand the concept of consent. And it’s an idea that we need to get across to them. Because it is important that people who have power over others, understand the concept of consent.”

He continues on to say that, “it’s time that these politicians learn the meaning of the word. No”.

Throughout his video, Rossman reminds the listener and those in political office, that consent is a part of governance.