In an Unprecedented Move Alaska’s Governor ORDERS State Officials Not to Participate in Federal Vaccine Mandate

JUNEAU, ALASKA- November 3rd, 2021– Alaska’s Governor Mike Dunleavy issues an Order for state officials to not participate in the federal vaccine mandates. The Order details what the State of Alaska claims is a clear violation of its 10th amendment rights. And refers to Article III, Sections 1, 16, and 24, of the Alaska Constitution as the source of authority for the declaration.

Last week, Alaska along with 9 other states filled a lawsuit in federal court against the vaccine mandates issued by President Biden.

On Tuesday November 2nd, Governor Dunleavy issued Administrative Order No. 325, stating that he now hereby orders that:

“To the extent allowable by law, no state agency shall participate in, or use state funds or personnel, to further a federal vaccine mandate for employers.”

He further directs the Attorney General to review any federal mandate, and determine whether or not it violates the rights of the State or the People thereof.

This is a unique approach to the federal vaccine mandates which other states have not yet taken.

While states such as Texas, and Florida have banned vaccine passports through Executive Orders. However they have not used an Executive Order (or as Alaska calls them Administrative Order) to challenge the legality of future federal mandates before implementing them as a whole.

In recent years, states have adapted orders from the federal government and presumed them to be law. Alaska’s stance is now that it will review any federal orders and determine their legality for itself.

While states have stood up to the federal governments vaccine mandates by various means. This new stance by Alaska preemptively blocks any new federal orders or legislation until their legitimacy and source of authority can be tested.