Court Issues Injunction and Delays Employee Vaccine Mandate Deadline for Chicago Police Union

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS- November 1st, 2021– Today a Chicago Judge signed an order which delays the vaccine mandate requirements for a police union in Chicago. The order will stay the city’s vaccine requirements upon the union members. The original requirement was December 31st.

Why did the Court delay the employee vaccine mandate for the police union?

It’s simple, the police union has collective bargaining rights with the city of Chicago. These rights were initially denied by the city, until the judge signed the order after the Court moved him to do so.

Here’s the deal, unions are created to allow employees collective bargaining rights with their employers. While injunctions are typically prohibited in labor disputes, this order cites Boys Market, Inc. v. Retail Clerk’s Union, Local 770, 398 U.S. 235 (1970). In which the Court granted an injunction to aid arbitration where ‘without such an order, the ultimate arbitration proceeding would be rendered meaningless.’

As a result of this case law. The Court in Chicago granted a temporary restraining order and stayed the December 31st deadline “until such a time as their grievances can be arbitrated.”

This decision comes one week after a police union in New York City sued to block employee vaccine mandates.