$5,000 Fine for Violators of Florida’s Vaccine Passport Ban, Takes Effect September 16th

FLORIDA- SEPTEMBER 8th, 2021– In May Governor Desantis of Florida signed Senate Bill (SB) 2006 into law, a bill which outlawed ALL vaccine passports in the state. Recently Florida’s Department of Health released the rules on how businesses violating the passport ban will be fined.

As a result, establishments, private or public, that enforce a vaccine passport requirement will be fined $5000. The departments fines will take effect September 16th.

According to the statute:

“Each violation of Section 381.00316, F.S., will result in the imposition of a $5,000 fine per individual and separate violation against the business, governmental entity or the educational institution.”

Florida is the Only State to Outlaw ALL Vaccine Passports

Florida’s ban on vaccine passports applies to all establishments. And it is the first state to implement fines against private businesses that impose them.

Unlike in Texas. Where the ban on vaccine passports only applies to government entities and private businesses which do not receive public funding.

Different States, Different Mandates by the Department of Health

Also consider that Florida’s fines were established by the Florida Department of Health. Who will also be collecting the fines.

This is a much different imposition by the Florida Department of Health than those we see coming from New York’s Department of Health. In NY, the Department of Health chose to remove religious exemptions from the states vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. Which begs the question… What should Departments of Health be allowed to enforce?

Each states vaccine mandates. And even that laws against them each play out in very different manners.

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