Court Halts Federal Vaccine Mandate Suspending OSHA’s Covid Vaccine and Testing Guidelines

November 7th, 2021– On Saturday a federal judge in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals granted an order to stay the Emergency Temporary Standard. Which was drafted by OSHA to rollout the federal vaccine mandate.

The order came as a result of a petition filled by the Texas Attorney General and others on Friday. Petitioner’s actions come in response the lengthy OSHA vaccine requirements published in the Federal Register on Friday.

OSHA is responsible for the rule-making that will be implementing the federal vaccine mandates issued through President Biden’s executive orders. The published the new rules, which are compose of over 140 pages in the Federal Register on Friday, November 5th. That same day several lawsuits were filled against OSHA. 

On Saturday the Texas AG received a reply form the judge who ordered a stay of the vaccine mandate requirements set to take effect in January of 2021.

Other states joined in on this petition including the States of; Utah, South Carolina, and Louisiana.

Last week Florida, Texas, and 10 other states filed lawsuits against the Biden administration over other alleged rulemaking, and 10th amendment violations posed by the vaccine mandates.

CVR Rating: This article addresses Class 3 CVRs. According to the system of grading vaccine requirements.