Florida Lawsuit Against Biden Challenges the Core of the Federal Vaccine Employment Mandate

FLORIDA- October 29th, 2021— The state of Florida has sued President Biden among others in a challenge to the federal vaccine mandate. Federal employees and contractors are required to meet the vaccine requirements by December 8th, 2021. By either becoming “fully vaccinated” or receiving an applicable accommodation or exemption.

On Thursday, the state of Florida filed a lawsuit stating that the statute used to justify the mandate does not authorize the federal government to issue such a requirement. The statute the federal vaccine mandates depend on is the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949.

The 28-page, 10 count lawsuit calls the mandate “a radical intrusion on the personal autonomy of American workers”.

As a result. Florida seeks to hold the actions of the federal government as unlawful. And set aside the executive order among other prayers for relief.

This comes one and a half months after Governor DeSantis vowed to fight back against the federal vaccine employment mandates.