Texas Sues Biden Administration Citing An ‘Impending Labor Shortage’ Due to Federal Covid Vaccine Employment Mandate

TEXAS- October 31st, 2021– On Friday, Texas joined 11 other states in suing the Biden administration over the federal vaccine mandate. The 8-count complaint cites an impending labor shortage as a result of the vaccine employment mandates. As the state continues to experience increasing walkouts and strikes due to the mandate.

Executive Order 13991, was issued January 20th, 2021. And it allowed for the creation of the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force (“Task Force”). Subsequently the Task Force Established guidance on how the vaccine mandate would be rolled out. Including how exemptions and accommodations will be enforced. In the lawsuit Texas asserts that the rules established through the Executive Order are unlawful. Not only because they were created without a required period for public comments. But also that the rules and Executive Order itself are unconstitutionally constructed.

The state seeks a judgement to: “Hold unlawful and set aside the Executive Order, the OMB Rule, the FAR Council Directive and Deviation Clause, and the Task Force Directive”

Further the state seeks injunctive relief barring the Defendants’ from enforcing the Executive Order. And the rules created as a result of it. such a lawsuit against the Biden administration. The state joins Florida and 10 other states in filing a complaint against the actions of the US government.