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Eth-Cepher Millennium Edition (2023) – Eth-Cepher Bible for Sale [Hardcover]

Eth-Cepher Millennium Edition (2023) – Eth-Cepher Bible for Sale [Hardcover]


Eth-Cepher Bible- Millinuim Edition 2023

Customize your eth-Cepher below by adding index tabs, carry case or the Lexicon; Names and Places.

Other features of eth-Cepher Bible include:

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Millennium Edition

The eth-CEPHER Bible

This hardcover print includes 87 historical and inspired texts; including the 66 canonized texts, as well as others such as The Book of Enoch, and the Wisdom of Sirach, and Jubilees.

Transliterates the names and places of the sacred Hebrew texts more commonly referred to as the Holy Bible. This 3rd version, printed in 2021 is slimmer than previous editions.

More importantly, the eth-Cepher Bible restores the Eth or את, which was removed almost 10,000 times in the Holy Bible. Eth is the alph, and the tav is the first and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

Looking for the eth-Cepher Bible en Espanol?

According to the Cepher Publishing Group the eth-Cepher:

  • Sets forth a transliteration rather than a substitution, of the names of the Father (YAHUAH), Son (YAHUSHA), and Holy Spirit (RUACH HAQODESH).
  • Transliterates over 3100 other Hebrew names and places.
  • Restores the Aleph Tav more than 10,000 times; previously omitted in other English translations.
  • Includes 87 books in total. Including the 81 books previously canonized as the Bible, plus 6 books considered to be inspired or historically significant. Chanok (Enoch) & Yovheliym (Jubilees), Yashar (Jasher), 4 Ezra, 2 Baruk (Baruch), and Hadaccah (Additions to Esther).
  • Restores the order of the books of the Bible as they were originally written.
  • Corrects many notorious errors found in virtually all previous English translations
  • More on eth-Cepher Bible

eth-Cepher Cover New

The eth-Cepher Restores:

  • Chapters 151-155 of Tehilliym (Psalms).
  • Restores the Missing Fragment of 70 verses in 4 Ezra Chapter 7.
  • Restores the 29th chapter of Ma’asiym (The Acts of the Apostles) chronicling Pa’al’s (Paul’s) journey to Spain and Britain.

eth-Cepher Bible Cover


  • Hebrew-to-English chart
  • A chart of the modern and paleo Hebrew alphabet as well as the meanings of each letter.
  • List of all the sacred names of Elohiym found in scripture.
  • 13 original historical Maps.
  • Family History.
  • and Footnotes.

eth-Cepher Bible Beshorah


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