Live in Elizabeth City, North Carolina?

Do you get electric through the Elizabeth City utility?

Let’s work together to create an opt out program for Elizabeth City, NC!

Laws on Opting-out of a Smart Meter in Elizabeth City

In Elizabeth City, North Carolina, there is currently no smart meter opt-out option.

Though the laws on the topic of opting out of smart meters are confusing and unsettled at best, you can see all laws pertaining to the laws in this article:

Re: Smart Meters in Municipalities; North Carolina

Or I can keep this short.

Currently the only way to opt out of smart meters in Elizabeth City is to push the city to adopt an opt-out program.

Which is exactly what I am trying to do, but I need your help!

If you want to help create an opt-out for smart meters in Elizabeth City, North Carolina…. Reach out below:

What is a Digital Meter? (AKA Smart Meter)

A smart electric meter, or digital electric meter is a newer model of the old electric meter which used to count your kilowatt hours mechanically.

Unlike the old mechanical meter, a “smart meter” reads your energy uses as frequently as every 15 minutes.

As simple as this seems, Courts have declared that smart meter data collection is a warrantless search.

Here’s the deal, smart meters can provide intimate data such as:

  • When you wake up,
  • How frequently you cook at home,
  • When you go to bed,
  • Or when you go on vacation.

While this data is said to be limited in how it is shared, there is no such thing as information that can’t be hacked or demanded under a warrant.

Depending on the company, smart meter data may be sold to 3rd parties.

Regardless of how this data is shared, most people in Elizabeth City, North Carolina agree, we should have an option on whether or not we must have a digital meter or not.

The Bottom Line on Creating a Smart Meter Opt-Out

The only way to get rid of your smart meter is to work with he city to create an opt-out policy.

If you want to help, let us know!