The Anti-Corporation, Pro-Vaccine Cognitive Dissonance

It seems that there are several glaring cognitive dissonances in the forced vaccination ideology that is currently being pushed by society.

One of the most prominent is the ant-corporation/pro-vaccine inconsistency.

Don’t you be looking at that back button!

You may be wondering, I am not proposing all vaccinations are dangerous. In my article Living With Hypothyroidism I covered the clearly effective (though odd) vaccine therapy which utilizes dedicated thyroid to treat hypothyroidism.

What’s the bottom line? There are some major risks associated with vaccinations that are being ignored en masse. Chief among which, vaccines are made by for profit corporations such as Glasco Klien Smith, Merck and Pfizer. Like all corporations, these entities seek one thing foremost, profits.

Look, the full blown faith in these corporations fueled by supposed scientific evidence seems oddly misplaced.

Almost any individual would agree that corporations are often corrupt, especially the giant, especially those involved with food and drugs. We are weary of corporate practices in almost every other facet of life. All except one, when it comes to inserting risky (to say the least) concoctions directly into our bloodstreams.

Here’s the deal, one need to look no further than the current “opioid epidemic” to see the clear dangers such misplaced faith in pharmaceutical companies entails. So why, why when it comes to an extremly risky pharmaceutical practice are we not meant to bat an eye, or question the safety of those practices?

For Example: let’s take Bayer, a pharmaceutical giant with supposed government oversight and regulation that “knowingly infected” around 20,000 individuals with HIV/AIDS. Read the article if you want to know more.

So what’s the deal!? With that kind of wrong doing, it seems you would have to be a bit insane to fully trust Bayer or any pharmaceutical giant with your health.

“But, that was in the 1980’s. That’s old news.”

Okay, well lets take a look at a much more recent case where our friends at Glasko, Klien Smith, paid over 60 million dollars to patients in a recent vaccination suite, and over 9 billion dollars since 2003.

There has never been a case like this before. The victims of this vaccine have an incurable and lifelong condition and will require extensive medication.” –Source

“Well that wasn’t in the US, there are higher standards there.”

Yeah right.

The reason that we don’t hear about those cases coming from the US is because they have what is known as the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) . I’m not going to go much into detail, but basically it limits the legal liability of vacinne manufacturers. They have heard a number of cases and yes they have paid out. More here.

In my opinion, that really creates some incentive for corporations to make sure their vaccinations are safe. In Bizzaro world maybe.

Again not saying all vaccinations are terrible (just most), yet it is completely ignorent, and a clear cognitive dissonance to trust corporations to have your best interests in mind. Especially when it comes to vaccinations, but not when it comes to anything else.

adult care cure doctorAsk yourself, who really benefits the most from forced vaccinations?

Hint: it’s not you.

-The Doctor

Until next time.

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