Psychological Warfare- The Battle for Your Soul

This is crazy but even the US Army admits there is a spiritual war.

Sounds out there right?

Well, allow me a moment to prove how the US Army is at war in the spiritual realm.

And what it means for us in this new “Digital Age”.

Want to learn the truth? Then keep reading.

The Etymology of PSYOPS

Psychological Operations or PSYOPS are a specific sort of attack that targets the enemies psychology. While the standard definition of psychology is “the science of mind and behavior”. That is only part of the story.

If we instead look at the etymology or the “facts of the origin and development of a word”. The meaning of psychology begins to take on a different meaning. According to the Online Etymological Dictionary, the etymology of psychology is “the study of the soul”.

And when we break down the word further, we can see that Spiritual and Psychological are 2 words that refer to nearly the same thing.

Psychology is derived from psykhē meaning “breath, spirit, soul”, and –logia or “study of”. Aka that study of the spirit or soul.

Where as the etymology of spiritual is “of or concerning the spirit”, derived from Latin spiritus or “of breathing, of the spirit”.

Breath and spirit are nearly synonymous. And the mind was seen in ancient times to be the receiver of messages from the air, or breath.

Which is why the Bible refers to Satan “the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience”. -Ephesians 2:1–2

To put it in modern terms, he has power over thought, or the psychology, or spirit of man.

The Inception of PSYOPS During WWI

With that in mind, isn’t it fascinating to see that the Army itself created a division called Psychological Operations?

With the explicit intention of “using unconventional tactics to persuade and influence foreign allies and enemies in support of U.S. Army objectives.”

The Atlanta Constitution – Atlanta, Georgia 10 Oct 2001.

While a lot has changed since the Psychological Operations (PSYOP) division of the US Army was created during WWI, it is nonetheless an ever important branch of the US armed services.

And up until Desert Storm, the US PSYOP division has often focused on spreading messages by what?

Delivering propaganda leaflets dropped through the air…

Strange no?

PSYOPS in the Digital Age – Devices of Deception

Undoubtedly PSYOP’s now also exist on the digital stage.

After all, when information is traveling through the air. What else could you expect?

These black mirrors in our pockets are spiritual devices, that transmit information through the spiritualis aka breath or air.

While these black mirror devices allow us to reflect parts of our deeper selves. They are also used by nefarious actors to control and deceive us from ever getting to know who we are, where we come from and why we are here.

That is why it is more important than ever to recognize these psychological operations which literally aim to destroy the souls of the men and women they target, enslave them and turn them against others.

Unfortunately these operations are dark and often difficult to spot. But once you spot them, you will never unsee the actions being taken behind the scenes.

And while there are literal military factions out in the open admitting they seek to destroy the souls of Man. Many still deny the very existence of their deeper internal selves.

From the Paper Strawman to the Digital Vodoo Doll

Look, if you are here, you likely know something about the idea of the paper straw man.

The idea that the ALL CAPS name on paper is not really you, but a form of trickery bka PSYOP used to convince you that you are the individual on the sheet of paper.

While I’m not here to convince you of that concept, it is undeniable that that concept will evolve into the digital realm. Where some sort of ourselves will be used to manipulate and control us into doing what the prince of air wants, until the time that we rise up and take accountability for our actions and fully embrace the rights granted to use by our Creator.

After all the Declaration of Independence tells us that the government derives it’s just powers from the consent of the governed. And what better way to get consent than through deceit and blackmail?

And based on a recent recruitment video from the armies 4th generation of the PSYOP division, it’s clear that their intentions are to be the “ghost in the machine”. Or as the Air Force puts it “Never Seen, Always Heard”.

The Enemies Greatest Trick

They say the devils greatest trick is convincing us he does not exist. Whether that is true or not, it is needless to say that an armies greatest strategy is keeping the enemy in the dark until it is ready for battle.

And I’m here to tell you, not only are the enemies troops ready for war, they are already mounted upon the hill.

Worse still they are already charging down into the valley.

Are you prepared for the incoming war?

If not. You don’t have long!