How to Build a Better PSYOP- Lesson Plan

Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) as we have previously discussed are a form of modern warfare.

The word Psychology originates from the 2 root words psykhē meaning “breath, spirit, soul”, and –logia or “study of”. Aka that study of the spirit or soul.

Which gave rise to it’s original meaning “the study of the soul”.

While Psychology is now defined as “the science of mind and behavior”, that in itself is a PSYOP.

Look how they removed the “soul” bit and dragged it down to the level of the mind. And added that séance (science) into the definition?

Odd right?

It’s as if someone is trying to ensnare your mind into a lower form of thinking.

As if something is actively trying to disconnect you from your higher being.

Almost like a prison perhaps?

Here’s what most people don’t know… The PSYOPS that take place in that mental prison, can’t go beyond it. They only apply to a mind trapped in that prison.

They are detached from natures life giving force and are doomed to fail, and often times completely backfire.


Because they all take place in a LIE.

A form of thinking that is set-apart from nature.

A form of thought that can’t bring life.

For in those words is life.


Because they aren’t based in TRUTH.

And a lie life is short when faced with truth.

For truth can not be conquered by a lie. It can only be covered in dirt, obfuscated and hidden from the common view.

The dirt that makes up the Earth is part of a geological record. Each impact we make in that record PERMANENTLY shapes the Earth.

And NOTHING we can do can reset the geological record.

Any action we take can only serve to shift it based on out actions.

People like to use this dirt or record, and throw it at other people like some sort of an animal madly lashing out.

This is why people have “dirt” on others.

Put who plays in the dirt?


While some use dirt to throw onto others as if this life is some sort of game.

Others chose to use it top build others up.

Place them on higher ground so to speak.

Perhaps help them connect with that Most High essence that the world so actively seeks to bury in DIRT.

And if we look at things that way, perhaps it’s more of a mountain and a valley perspective that we need to see the TRUTH in this scenario.

Can those in the valley ever throw dirt up into the mountains?

Much less hope to conquer the mountain without ascending it and developing a new perspective which shapes the contour of their mindest…

Yet only a glacier can conquer the mountain, unlike the lava that can build them.

And the truth is as both.

A glacier that can not be stopped, and a fire that can never be snuffed out.

Therefore, all PSYOPs built of earth shall be wiped away.

Therefore we must look higher still than the mountain. Toward the lights in the Heavens watching over us.

And perhaps be thankful from time to time.

For the Psychological form of Warfare is only the beginning of the operations taking place in the heavens.

A reflection of the War above.

And the greatest tool to realize that greater war is the Bible, the Greatest PSYOP to date.

Which teaches us that:

“12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.but principalities of darkness, wickedness in high places. ”

PSYOP Example #1 BKA as an Ad

My favorite version of the Bible is the eth-Cepher. For it places the original names of people and places back in proper position. That they may be sounded properly. If you want a copy of the eth-Cepher Bible you can purchase one at

Are we beginning to see the strategies that can be used to build a better PSYOP?

You see, the Truth must be based on Trust in order for it to be given or received.

The Word that passes between two individuals can only carry life if there is Trust established.

Unfortunately, many of us have become unable to trust and believe others. And as such the Word that passes between others has begun to be tarnished.

As if we have been trained not to Trust others.

Of course one must be cautious with who to trust. After all the world is often a crooked place full of dirt throwing monkeys.

And it’s corruption has begun to establish within us so deeply, it is starting to corrupt the very essence of our being.

But how do we build trust in a world so full of corruption?

I suppose that we must first learn to Trust ourselves.

That we MUST seek what is right and True.

And overtime perhaps develop a lens through which to perceive the world so that you are immune to lies and deceit.

And Trust TMH Creator to lead us in the right direction.

PSYOP Example #2 BKA as an Ad

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Here’s the deal, if we go back to the Geological Record we can see that there is a physical copy stored. So we can find proof of what is true in the real world if we know where to look.

You see, these cellphones, like the Earth are a recording device.

Which creates a record that can be used as dirt to build up or to cover.

Information transmitted through the spirit as word.

What does the Bible teach us about the Word?

That the Word became what?


PSYOP Example #3 BKA as an Ad

Want to learn how to win in court without a lawyer?

Well, you, yes its true even you can win in court without a lawyer.

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Please note the glowing PSYOP above!

And what better way to enslave people but through the WORD.

But what shall the Truth do?


Now do we have any further questions about building better PSYOPs?

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