1 Call– May Protect Troops Who Refuse Vaccination (Pending Legislation)

WASHINGTON, D.C.- SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2021– An amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was added which protects the discharge status of members discharged for refusing Covid-19 Vaccine. The amendment was approved by the house. However, the amendment will still need to make it through the Senate.

If you want to help the amendment pass,

you can contact your US Senators and ask them to approve the amendment.

Shortly after the FDA gave Pfizer’s vaccine full approval. A vaccine mandate for military members was announced on August 25th. This mandate requires service members to get the vaccine, unless they had an appropriate exemption. While the Previously any discharge for troops receiving the vaccine would have been considered dishonorable. However an amendment proposed by Representative Mark Green was passed by the House Armed Services Committee,

The amendment will protect the status of military members who are discharged for refusing the vaccine. Any member discharged for refusing the vaccine will now receive an honorable discharge. This will protect any of their VA benefits. And protect their discharge status.

In a press release, Mark Green stated:

I believe service members who make the personal medical decision to refuse the vaccine, and are subsequently separated from the service for their refusal, should not receive anything other than an honorable discharge for refusing to take the vaccine. Period.”