Pinterest Blocks “Vaccine” and “Vaccination” Search Results

Pinterest bans search results for Vaccines and Vaccinations

WOW, This is Crazy!!!

After years of Censorship on the internet, Pinterest has mostly kept it’s head down.

That is, until now!

Here’s the deal, in an unprecedented move, Pinterest CENSORS search results for “Vaccine” and “Vaccination”

Yes, seriously it is that simple. If you enter “vaccine” or “vaccination” in Pinterest search, it turns up NOTHING!


Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 1.00.45 AM.png

That’s right, in an effort to cover up so called “anti-vaccination misinformation” on vaccines, Pinterest literally banned users from searching for it!

This is straight up crazy. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Google have made huge censorship moves recently, but perhaps non are so explicit as banning WORDS from being searched.

A spokesperson from Pinterest told Fortune magazine “If a search returns largely polluted results that violate our policies, we will stop serving the query, either temporarily or permanently,” via email “We started blocking certain searches related to vaccinations and cancer cures last year because results were leading to harmful misinformation.”

No More Information Exchange?

The greatest thing about the internet was the freedom of information exchange, but with moves like this it is hard to see how freedom of information exchange can exist. Moves such as banning vaccine search queries, treat adult, free-thinking human beings like ignorant children. Incapable of researching past the headline.

If these maneuvers continue, we will either have to find free speech platforms, or the free exchange of information of information is DEAD.

In the Dust of Proposed Federal Vaccination Exemption Ban

Only a day after the FDA commissioner told CNN that the federal government may step in to stop vaccine exemptions if the “measles epidemic” continues. This while all the while ignoring the fact that one in eight women will have be diagnosed with a thyroid disorder in their lifetime.

Why the push for Vaccine Censorship?

Here’s the deal, for whatever reason, we are meant to believe that vaccines are safe, no matter the additives, no matter the way in which they are derived. People are being treated like cattle, because en mass they are unwilling to stand up and do the right thing. Most people are concerned only with paying their bills, and blinded by the encroaching shadow of deception around them.

It is time to wake up and take control of your life, while you still have the choice!!!!



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