Ohio Judge Orders Covid-19 Vaccine as a Condition for Probation

FRANKLIN COUNTY, OHIO- June 22nd, 2021

A judge in Franklin County, Ohio has ordered a defendant to get a Covid-19 Vaccine as part of his probation terms.

The order states:

“Defendant shall obtain/maintain verifiable employment and/or successfully complete an employment program. To assist with his ability to gain employment, Defendant must get the COVID 19 vaccine within 30 days and provide proof to Probation Department.”

The judge, Richard Fry told the Columbus Dispatch:

“It occurred to me that at least some of these folks need to be encouraged not to procrastinate,”

Judge Richard Frye, Franklin County

This judges order comes 15 months after Covid-19 regulation began to roll out in March of 2020. While Frye stands by his decision, the order has undoubtedly raised some eyeballs.

As a result, the defendant has reached out to the ACLU.