Missouri and Louisiana Sue Biden Administration For Creating a “Censorship Enterprise”

In early May, the states of Louisiana and Missouri as well as a panel of doctors sued the Biden Administration for creating what the lawsuit says is a “Censorship Enterprise”. The original complaint filed May 5th, 2022 alleges that said censorship enterprise is comprised of officials from the White House, the Census Bureau, FBI, CDC, FDA, DHS and others. The suit alleges that a federal conspiracy formed to limit the freedom of speech hand in hand with social media platforms such as FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter.

A modified 164-page complaint was filed on November 6th, and lays out in greater detail the allegations made by the states. While one may speculate the that claim is unlikely to succeed based on the overwhelming “power” of the Defendants. Judge Doughty of Louisiana’s Western District Court is taking the matter seriously, and perhaps seems to favor the Plaintiff’s. This is evidenced by several denials of the Plaintiffs motion for Judge Doughty to recuse himself due to perceived conflicts of interest.

The case is one of the first in what may wind up being a series of federal lawsuits filed against social media companies and government agencies over censoring speech on the internet, and other interference’s with the People’s Right to Be Heard.

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