Judge Denies Student-Led Lawsuit Against Creighton University Vaccine Mandate.

OMAHA, NEBRASKA- September 23rd, 2021— On Wednesday the student-led lawsuit against Creighton University was denied by a Nebraska trial court judge. Douglas County District Judge Marlon A. Polk denied the petition filed in early September of this year. “The Court finds that the plaintiffs’ agreement to receive a COVID-19 vaccine once the FDA fully approved a COVID-19 vaccine became part of that contract”. 

The Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine is approved by the FDA. The petition states “Students were allowed to request a medical exemption or a temporary exemption from the vaccine based on the emergency use authorization from the FDA at that time”. 

The students that filed the petition are mostly refusing to take the vaccine because of religious convictions against fetal stem cell research. The petition also states that “Defendant refused to consider or grant religious exemptions”. Many schools and universities have faced legal action and the possibility of lawsuits for similar mandates. 

Read the full version of the student’s petition here.