How to FORCE Sheriffs To Act on Your Behalf {LEGALLY}

Did you know that you can tell sheriffs what to do?


No, I’m not referring to some conspiracy theory here

It’s what the courts were made for!

So that YOU could secure YOUR Rights!

How can you use courts to FORCE Sheriffs to act on your behalf?

Constitutional Sheriff’s are elected officials sworn to uphold the constitution. And while they can do so without specific direction from the public, they can be ORDERED to work for you.

It’s true, you can simply and legally direct a sheriff to carry out court orders on your behalf. But first you have to get them.

It’s often said that sheriff’s are the most powerful law in each county. Some constitutional sheriffs have refused to enforce state laws when they are in conflict with the constitution. And you can use that authority to ensure your rights are protected THROUGH THE COURTS!

How do you get a court order to direct a sheriff?

Well, first you have to go to court.

And I already know what you are saying.

“But cOUrt is EXpenSiVE.”

Well, not if you represent yourself. And it’s not that difficult, seriously.

Once you file the right paperwork and go through the motions YOU can enforce YOUR rights.

And once you have proven your case, and gotten a court order. You can make the Sheriff carry it out for you.

How do you represent yourself in court?

There’s an easy way to learn how to win in court and that is, where you can learn how to go to court, and get results. All on your own!

Look, there can be no arguing. Enforcing your rights through the courts is a timely process. But if your rights have been violated, it’s up to you to to make DEMAND that your rights be protected.

And the courts give us a platform to REPRESENT ourselves.

Your “representatives” may help shore up your rights in the long run. But if you as an individual have had your rights violated only you can restore them.

And you can be your own representative in a court of law. Where you can PRESENT your case.

Why don’t more people represent themselves in court?

Well, the truth is… there are a lot of false beliefs about how the courts operate.

And while it is true that lawyers have made the processes appear overly complicated so they can receive more billable hours.

Even Yahusha Hamashiach called out the issue nearly 2000 years ago:

So, the system of courts has been corrupted for a LONG time.

And yet, the natural law authorized by Yah is still in effect. The truth is self-evident and can not be denied no matter how many rules you attempt to bury it under.

And the more People take back the courts, the easier, and faster it will be to utilize the courts for their intended purpose.


Who owns the courts?

WE DO. When you walk into a courtroom you have a Right to be Heard.

And unlike protesting in the streets, in the courts you can use the force of government through your sheriff to enforce the law, and protect your rights!

Best of all, when you bring a suit forth in the court, you can control the court! And if you are seeking what is right, and doing so in the right manner. You can use the court to seek remedy from those that have transgressed upon you.

Controlling Sheriffs through the Courts in Closing

Really, you can control your sheriff through the courts, and use the force of government to protect your rights.

The courts offer one of the most powerful tools we have access to to defend our rights and receive remedy when they have been violated.

Seriously, jump over to and try the course. You won’t regret your investment! I am speaking form experience.

Whether your rights have been violated by creatures of the state known as corporations, your neighbor or an actor of the government, you can protect your rights in a court of law.

And you can do it YOURSELF!

After all the government derives its powers from the consent of the governed.

If you do pursue going to court on your own, and you want some people to bounce ideas off of I highly recommend you join Alphonse Faggiolo’s telegram, it’s absolutely free.