Dennis Yarbery AKA “Big D” Has Pending Charges Re: July 4th Blockade of I-95

July 6th, 2022- Prince George’s County– Dennis Yarbery, AKA Big D of the People’s Convoy has pending charges relating to the blockade of I-95 that led to David Riddel’s arrest in DC.

On July 6th, 2022 The 1776 Restoration Movement parked in downtown DC in front of the DC Capital building, in a protest of the federal government. Hours into their occupation, David Riddel, AKA Santa was arrested on a warrant relating to the movement’s blockade of 3 different highways in July 4th.

According to court records, Dennis Yarbery also has pending charges related to the July 4th incident. According to court records out of Prince George’s Denis Yarbery faces one (yet unfiled) count of (STOPPING, PARKING, LEAVING STANDING) VEH. ON HWY. OUTSIDE BUSINESS & RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT.

While the complaint has not yet been filed, it may be as follows: