Police ALLOWED Taylor Taranto To Get Near Obama’s Home With “Weapons”

WASHINGTON D.C. – June 29th, 2023 — According to DC Police Taylor Taranto was arrested after running towards Obama’s home in DC. He was reportedly in possession of bomb making materials and weapons. Taranto had active warrants for his involvement in the January 6th Capital protest. Taranto was not merely present during the January 6th Capitol Protest, he found himself at the top of the stairs where Ashli Babbitt’s body wsa said to lay dead.

Taranto was Present At Ashli Babbitt Death Scene

So he was not merely wanted for his presence on January 6th, he was deep inside the capital. And he made it clear he followed the troublemakers to get himself there in a recent interview with a You Tuber that goes by the name of Defender of Ants. This interview would cause him to be excommunicated from the Freedom Corner protests.

Taranto is Being Sued By the family of a DC Officer that Took His Own Life

Look, Taranto is deeply tied into January 6th. Not only was he present at Ashli Babbitt’s death scene, he has also been sued by the family of a DC officer who took his life following the January 6th Protest. His family alleges that Taranto’s actions that day lead to him taking his life.

So, if he had warrants for what so many refer to as participating in an “insurrection”… He must have been hiding right?

No, not at all.

Taranto’s Location Has Been Public for Months

This is crazy, but Taranto’s location has been no secret. He was not in the middle of rural Arkansas, he was in the heart of DC. I myself have watched him there over the last few weeks through various YouTube streams. INCLUDING HIS OWN.

You see during the past few months he has been at Freedom Corner, where a vigil for J6 prisoners has been held daily for over a year.

Recently however, the group disavowed him for an interview he took part in where he questioned the death of Ashli Babbitt. Following the interview Taranto was removed by police from the Freedom Corner vigil. While he is no longer associated with the Freedom Corner protesters, his location was known to 1000’s of online viewers who watch the unfolding events at the Freedom Corner vigil. I have personally watched him present in several streams on YouTube over the last week.

Further Taranto was also present during the 1776RM which squatted on the capital lawn for months on end in late 2022. Did the DC Police or the FBI not know that he was present?

So why wasn’t he already apprehended by DC police?

“I want him all to myself”

To make matters worse, in a stream on his YT Channel Taranto made it clear he was parked out of Representative Raskin’s DC home. In the stream beginning at the 36:37 mark Taranto points out that he did not “go to his house” or even “tell anyone where he lives” because “I want him all to myself”.

“Got them surrounded!”

Earlier in the morning of his arrest. Taranto replied to a post to former President Trump on Truth Social saying “Got them surrounded”. In the post by Trump it spoke of Trump’s battle to fight the shadow government.

Following all of the above, Taranto found himself today wandering a forest behind Barrack Obama’s DC home looking for entrances to underground tunnels to find “John Podesta”. The secret service observed him for about 30 mins as he went through a backpack finding a phone and a laptop. He was live on his stream prior to his arrest. While his footage was deleted for yet unknown reasons. It was reuploaded on YouTube in a different channel.

The Dangers of Involvement in Street Movements

Taranto’s actions who the dangers associated with street movements and their vulnerability to influences from bad actors. While it is unclear if Taranto worked totally alone, or was influenced by someone else. His actions should be firmly denounced by anyone he has associated with.

One is likely much better off exercising your right to be heard in a court. As we have already seen time and time again, street movements and demonstrations are targets for bad actors. Whether they be individuals having mental breakdowns, or agent provocateurs intentional;y inserted to disrupt the movement.