Are there exceptions to Biden’s Covid vaccine mandate for federal workers?

WASHINGTON D.C.- SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2021- President Biden announced today federal vaccine mandates that could effect 100 million Americans. But are there any exceptions to the mandate?

Well, it is a little too early to say. The 2 executive orders that are supposed to be enacted by the president have not yet been released to the public. But in a transcript from, we can see the question was asked during a press conference.

The question was pitched by a reporter and answered by the Press Secretary:

“And are there going to be exceptions for people who have religious objections or medical reasons not to get the vaccine?”

-Reporter at Briefing

“Yes. There will be limited exceptions for legally recognized reasons, such as disability or religious objections. I know you have all seen the reporting on this, but let me just give you a few top lines of it.”

-Ms. Psaki, White House Press Secretary

As far as we know at the moment, the exemptions will be processed like the exemptions for the US Military. Each agency will set rules and procedures for handling them.

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact your US Senators and Representatives and express your concerns. Ask if there are any movements in your area.

Additionally, several unions like the postal workers union are already working to reach an agreement.