9 Better Than Live PD Police Department Music Videos [Reviewed]

While police memes are hilarious on their own, these police lips-sync videos are top-tier humor.

The following police lip-sync challenges are the perfect mix of cringe and humor.

Furthermore, these videos all prove one thing. Despite all the press. Police officers are people too.

And, since the cancellation of Cops and LivePD have deprived us of our police beat content. These music videos of police officers can fill the gaps that first amendment audits do not.

1) Norfolk, VA PD Lip-Sync Video

Lip Sync Video Nominated for: Flawless One Take Action

Look, this whole entire video was done in one flawless shot. Which must have taken a tremendous amount of planning and practice. Furthermore, I personally would have never found this incredible niche of videos if it were not for this one crossing my path.

Furthermore, this video honors the trend of Uptown Funk lip-sync challenges which were kicked off by Rock County 911 way back in 2015.

2) Granite Falls, NC Lip Sync Battle Video

Lip Sync Video Nominated for: A PSA on Not Chasing Waterfalls

Look, I can’t lie, this video had me in stitches with the whole don’t go chasing waterfalls scene. I am not certain whether it was the ridicules warning not to chase the guy, or the one officers spirit fingers. Either way this PD lip-syn vid had me laughing hard.

This lip sync challenge featured a number of 90’s songs, namely Backstreet Boys and Brittney Spears which appealed to my nostalgia feels.

3) North Bradford, CT Lip-Sync Video

Lip Sync Video Nominated for: Most Community Involvement

Not only is the production quality of this video amazing, they made an entire day out of producing it with their community. While most police departments focus on the police part of lip-sync challenges, North Bradford appears to have set up an fair out of the event and invited their entire community.

This police lip-sync music video is very down to earth, and they somehow managed to get a full on rainbow in their video. Excellent!

4) Skokie, IL Lip-SyncVideo

Lip Sync Video Nominated for: Most energy, and most classic hits referenced

This video funny police music video starts right off with an old school hip hop feel and a kickback to the Fresh Prince of Bell Air. As they say, first impressions are lasting impressions. But it doesn’t end there, they hit all the nostalga feels of the Granite Falls PD music video too.

From the Macarena, Hammer time, Macho Man, to and holy smokes, even Gangnam style. Impactful and energetic editing to top it off!

5) Charleston, WV Lip-Sync Video

Lip Sync Video Nominated for: The Best Cruiser and Drivers

Much like the North Bradford PD, Charleston went above and beyond to involve their community in the making of their music video.

Look, this entire music video is based on a gorgeous classic police cruiser which is stolen two furry culprits. Most of the video is a lip sync of “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction and it is shot exactly how you would expect a One Direction music video to be shot, except its not One Directions and it’s Charleston’s finest. Also, the Shepard earns this video some bonus points.

6) San Diego, CA Lip-Sync Video

Lip Sync Video Nominated for: Being the Most Top Gun

San Diego is one of the most laid back cities there is, but no doubt about it. Crime never rests. And San Diego’s Police department is ready and willing to ride straight into the Danger zone as illustrated in this highly coordinated funny police video lip synced to Kenny Loggin’s Highway to the Danger zone, with frequent nods to Top Gun. AND features from the Blue Angels, as well as the only PD lip sync challenge to feature the PD mechanics!

7) Santa Clara, CA Lip-Sync Video

Lip Sync Video Nominated for: The UFC Donuts Fight Between the Officers

This police music video had the most modern music selection of all of the videos on this list. That however is not the reason that we chose this video to be in the top 9. At the 2:39 mark there is an excellent fight between two officers over a box of donuts. Definitely the best donut reference we have witnessed in any police lip-sync video thus far.

Besides that, this better than Live PD music video is well produced includes a wide cast and great music selection.

8) McKinny, TX Lip-Sync Video

Lip Sync Video Nominated for: Most Upbeat

While Pharell’s “Happy” is already an upbeat song is made even more energetic with McKinny PD’s performance. Furthermore, the department made sure to involve many different public offices and of course Scruff McGruff. The McKinny Department also involved quite a bit of their community in the production of this music video.

So they definitely deserve some solid props!

9) Adams County, IL Lip-Sync Video

Lip Sync Video Nominated for: Best Plot and Movie Reference

Adams County stepped outside the box when it came to the lip-sync challenge, by kicking off the video with a lip-sync and reenactment of Super Troopers. Adams County follows up that performance with several lip-sync music performances.

As a result, this video certainly belongs on this list of top police department music videos.

Notable Mention: Oldest Police Lip-Sync

The above video appears to have been posted sometime in 2014, making it the oldest police lip-sync video we have been able to locate. Note the 720 resolution. Earning this video a well deserved honorable mention.

The Bottom Line on Police Lip-Sync Videos

At the end of the day, there are simply not enough Police lip-sync battles and it has been too long since more have been made.

So I challenge you! Call up your local PD or sheriff department and ask challenge them to top the music videos!

Fortunately, there are a few hundred to poor through it you ever feel bored. We would have included more, but one can only handle but so much cringe.

Until next time!

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