Governor Greg Abbot Bans Vaccine Passports In Texas (With 1 Exception)

TEXAS- AUGUST 25th, 2021– Governor Abbot of Texas doubles down and bans vaccine passports, regardless of a vaccine’s FDA status. This executive order comes just days after Pfiezer’s vaccine is approved by the FDA. The order however, does not ban private businesses who do not receive funding from the government.

On Wednesday, the governor reiterated a previous order that banned vaccination passports. In his new order however, he expressly bans vaccines, even if they are approved for us by the FDA.

The order applies to:

  • Government agencies,
  • State agencies and political subdivisions,
  • Private and public businesses that have received, or will receive funding from the government.

The order however, much like the last order, does not apply to private businesses that do not receive public funding.

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