What is the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies?

There are a lot of programs that involve improving policing standards in America. And police accountability and reform has been a huge topic during recent times. So what is the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA)? And how does it aim to improve modern policing.

How does the CALEA increase community advocacy?

The accreditation process involves establishing community-oriented policing standards. The aim is to encourage police departments to work hand in hand with citizens to create better all around policing. This creates a bridge between police and the community they aim to serve. Additionally, this improves their relationship and makes the policing of communities more effective.

Why do government officials support the CALEA?

Accreditation provides an objective set of standards to measure a police agencies performance in an area. As well as their commitment to excellence in leadership, resource management and the delivery of their services.

How does the accreditation create a stronger defense in civil lawsuits?

Accredited police agencies have a stronger defense against civil lawsuits. Furthermore, many accredited agencies see a decrease in civil actions against their department.

How does the CALEA improve police accountability?

The standards set forth in the accreditation process provide written directives, training, and clearly defines the lines of authority of officers within the agency. Along with routine reports, these standards set a clear line of accountability within an agency.

How does accreditation reduce risk and liability?

Agencies with accreditation report that they see a reduction in their liability insurance costs, due to the rigorous standards of accreditation.

The bottom line is the CALEA is a great step in the right direction for police departments that want to improve their policing standards. By improving a police agencies practices and making them aware of their accountability to the community. We can create a better atmosphere in policing in the future. This infographic was made by the CALEA.