Top Legal Underdogs- {Times the People Won}

Everyone loves a good underdog story, and legal underdogs are no different. So if you are looking for the times that the “little guy” won in court, this infographic is for you. Here is what you need to know.

The Time ‘Big Tobacco’ Lost

It’s no secret that many corporations do not have the Peoples interest at heart. This time, the People actually won.

In 1998, 46 state attorneys took on the top 6 tobacco companies and won with a settlement of $206 billion on behalf of “the people”.

When Exxon Paid for it’s Oily Mess

Big corporations and oil companies have spilled oil in the ocean and killed natural habitats out of sheer negligence countless times. The Exxon Mobil Valdez spill was one of the few times that big oil actually paid.

This time over 2000 cannery workers, landowners, and natives defeated “big oil” resulting in a total of $500 million in settlements.

When the Citizens of Hinkley got Restitution for Tainted Water

Ground water in cities has long been an issue for the people, but this one actually paid out.

For over a decade, Hinkley, California has defeated Pacific Gas and Electric for polluting its groundwater. Receiving over half a billion in settlements.

The Time that Nortel’s Shareholders Sued, and Won

Nortel, a fiber optic company, had to settle with it’s shareholders for $24 billion in 2006. The company was busted due to fraud, which resulted in a huge settlement for the stakeholders.

When Women United against Silicone Implant Manufacturers

In 1996, thousands of women settled a lawsuit against silicone implant manufacturers for $3.4 billion for autoimmune diseases caused by the breast implants they received.

It’s not everyday that the underdog wins in the court of law, but it does happen from time to time. And this infographic by Best Paralegal Schools Online lays out some of the biggest.