The Trial of Ghislaine Maxwell: Case Summary and Overview

Updated December 29th, 2021

JURY VERDICT: After 6 days of deliberating, the Jury has found Maxwell GUILTY on 5 of 6 charges relating to trafficking minors for Jeffery Epstein.

The Trial of Ghislaine Maxwell began on November 29th, 2021, and is expected to continue into late December and possibly January.

Maxwell is facing 6 counts including conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, and 2 counts of perjury.

Read the complete indictment here.

Here is an overview of the progress of the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial.

Day 1- Monday November 29th Jury selection finalized, opening arguments, and 1st witness

The first day of the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial saw the finalization of Jury selection, opening arguments, and the first witness taking the stand. Initially, the Public was thought to have access via a call-in teleconference. However, The DOJ announced on their page that no coverage including a call-in would be offered. While not uncommon for Federal Courts to ban video coverage, audio coverage is typically allowed. Yet this case is limited to those few media in the Court and the overflow wings.

The Prosecution Opens

The Prosecution began their, short, argument with “I want to tell you a story about a young girl named Jane.”
Jane, a pseudonym (Jane Doe), as 3 of the 4 witnesses opted to remain autonomous.

The Prosecution continues to illustrate how Maxwell and Epstein allegedly groomed the young girls until the ultimate claims of illicit abuse occurred. Ultimately leading to what the government asserts was a “pyramid scheme of abuse. “

The Defense Rebuts

After a remarkably short opening statement from the Prosecution of fewer than 30 minutes. the Defense rebuts stating “Ever since eve was accused of tempting Adam for the apple, women have been blamed for the bad behavior of men and women are often villainized and punished more than the men ever are.”

The Defense paints a picture of allegations against Maxwell as a redirection from the US Government’s ultimate target Jeffery Epstein. Stating that Ghislaine is a “”scapegoat for a man”, a charge to which the Prosecution objects, but is abruptly overruled.

However, a sidebar is taken when the Defense continues to paint a picture that Maxwell’s a “lighting rod” to pin the charges against Epstein on.

After this second objection, the court takes a sidebar and the Defense changes the direction of their arguments. And uses memory manipulation as a defensive argument. And further states that the victims have already received money via the Epstein compensation fund, insinuating they are here for more money.

The First Witness Testifies: Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr., Pilot of Epstein

The day closes with some witness testimony from Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr., a former private pilot for Epstein. Visoski testifies to flying Epstein and Ghislaine to various properties in Palm Beach, NM and NY. He makes several statements, as lead by the Prosecution to verify his claims.

Court adjourned at 4:58 with the Jury being relieved of duty.

Court Records:

Last filed motion of Friday

Motion Suppress Government Witness Testimony

Day 2 Tuesday, November 30th: Pilot and First Victim Testify

Today marked a few big events in the Trial as the pilot Visoski returns to the stand.

Testimony of Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr., Pilot of Epstein, continues

The testimony of Visoski Jr. began with questioning form the Prosecution. The Prosecution continued to question Visoski about the places he would fly Epstein, and whether or not he had been inside of the residencies. Throughout the line of questioning, Visoski continually references that he had installed ‘electronics’ in several of Epstein’s residences. But does not say what they were, possibly do to an order from the Court to restrict evidence.

After the Prosecution rested, the Defense began to Cross-examine Visoski. Mainly asking him questions about who he had flown on the plane while he was a pilot for Epstein. The names that Viskoski admitted to flying included; Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Kevin Spacey, Prince Andrew and others. This was a point the Prosecution appears to have intentionally overlooked to keep the focus on Maxwell.

The pilot also admitted to flying some of the alleged victims of Maxwell. The Defense ends the cross-examination after Viskoski states that he never saw Epstein abuse anyone.

“Jane” Minor Victim One Take she Stand

Janes takes the stand and states that she was 14 at the time of the alleged abuse in the presence of Maxwell. And identifies Maxwell in the courtroom.

Jane goes on to talk about how her father died and then their family began to experience hardship, but met a couple (Maxwell and Epstein) who invited her to hang out and began to pay for things like singing lessons, clothes etc. She began to spend quite a lot of time with them. And accounts in detail the alleged sexual abuse that occurred…. in detail which will not be covered here. Jane explains that she would visit Maxwell and Epstein when she was 15 and 16 as well.

Jane admits that she did receive money form the Epstein victims fund, and when asked if the outcome of this case would impact that payment, the Defense objected. But it was overruled after a side-bar. Jane said the outcome would not impact her compensation, and the Prosecution rested.

Then the Defense began to cross-examine the witness by stating that Jane had waited 20 years to bring these claims up, which Jane concurs.

During a line of questing, the Defense attempts to bring in evidence to impeach the witness, that the Prosecution objects to, and the Judge sustains the objection. Stating that he will admit the evidence when the time is right.

Moments latter, another piece of evidence is objected to, and the objection is sustained. More discussion about admitting evidence ensues, and eventually the Court adjourns.

Wednesday, December 1st – Day 3 Jane’s Testimony continues and 2 other Witnesses

The 3rd Day of Trial saw the testimony of 3 witnesses from the prosecution. Starting with the continued testimony of minor-victim-one “Jane”.

Jane takes the Stand for Continued Testimony

The Defense continues to attempt to ‘impeach’ here as a witness by admitting evidence they believe will prove she is lying. There were a lot of objections form the Prosecution in regards tot the methods the Defense was using to achieve their aim.

Tensions continued to rise in the courtroom as the Defense continued for several hours attempting to prove Jane was either making this up, having a false memory or acting.

‘Matt’, ‘Jane’s’ ex-Boyfriend Testifies

Next to come to the stand was Matt the former boyfriend of the first victim. He is asked if Jane had ever told him how she got money from Epstein. To which he replied “She just said, It was not free.”

The testimony was very short, and next to the stand was Daniel Vesselsen of Interlochen.

Testimony of Daniel Vesselsen of Interlochen, Michigan

Vesselsen was involved with a fund known as the Jeffrey Epstein Scholarship Lodge. And a few questions about record keeping were asked, and court soon recessed for the day.

Thursday, December 2nd – Day 4

Paul Kane of NYC’s Professional Children’s School Testifies

No known details…

Doctor Lisa Rocchio: Expert Testimony

Dr. Rocchio is an expert in the process of grooming victims for sexual abuse. OF which she speaks on the topic thoroughly.

During Rocchino’s testimony, she explained the process of grooming.

Jaun Alessi Testifies

Juan Alessi, who worked at Epstien’s Palm Beach home from 1990 to 2002 testifies. Due to the nature of no cameras, audio, or video of the trial the context is largely lacking on the events which unfolded in the courtroom.

Additionally, Alessi testified that there were “many, many, many females,” at Epstein’s property. Alessi’s cross-examination will begin Friday morning.

Friday, December 3rd – Day 5

Friday begins the fifth day of the trial which resumes with the testimony of Juan Alessi.

Juan Alessi Testiomony

The Defense begins their line of questioning into Juan by mentioning that he had stolen from Epstein several times. And attempt to paint him as a liar. During the cross-examination, Maxwell’s Lawyer said the name of the victim out loud in the courtroom.

During his testimony, he said he never heard even one complaint from the women that attended the property, and that if he had he would have done something about it. apparently, this caused laughter in the courtroom as some did not believe that he did not know what was happening.

Gregory Parkinson Former Palm Beach Police Officer

Next on the stand was Gregory Parkinson, a former Palm Beach police officer. As a result of the alleged thefts of Juan Alessi, Parkinson did a search of Epstein’s home. During which he found photos of young girls and other items that caught his eye. Including a picture of the Pope with Maxwell and Epstein.

Many of the exhibits during this portion of the trial were taken under seal. Apparently, the Judge argued that the government was sealing too much after they requested that an entire 39-minute video be seen by the Jury out of public view. The Prosecution said they would work on making portions of the content public.

Week 2 of the Maxwell Trial

Day 6- Monday December 6th, 2021- Second Victim “Kate” Testifies

In brief, after general discussions about evidence, the second victim of the alleged grooming by Maxwell and Epstien testified. Going by the psedenym “Kate” she detailed how Maxwell and herself were introduced and how Maxwell lured her into the office of Epstein in order to give him a “massage”. Kate was largely seen by the press as a ‘bad’ witness as she was not technically underage when the abuse occurred in the US.

Evidence Rules are Discussed

The Judge starts by saying that the pictures on the walls of Epstein’s massage room will be excluded as they risk prejudicing the Jury. They also excluded pictures of ‘items’ found in the massage room, as well as photos of “creepy animals” which Jane had testified to.

Further, the Judge says that the schoolgirl uniform can be admitted if Kate mentions it in her testimony.

Kate Testifies

Kate who now works with survivors of abuse took the witness stand. Kate became acquaintances with Maxwell in Paris. While she was under the impression that Maxwell wanted to be her friend. But soon found that she was being groomed to give Epstein “massages”.

Maxwell’s attorney began by alleging that because Kate had done drugs for so long, that her memory may not be correct. She replied that it wasn’t that her memories had changed, but instead her memories were blocked at times.

Further, Maxwell’s attorney inquired about Kate’s job as an international model at the time the interactions between her and Maxwell began. Soon after, the Defense began to tear apart Kate’s reputation futher. Starting with an incident where Kate had set up someone in the royal family to buy cocaine, at the request of a tabloid magazine.

After being questioned about receiving funds from the Epstein Victims Fund, the Defense rested.

Patrick McHugh of JP Morgan Chase

Next on the stand was Patrick Mchugh, a banking expert to testify about some of the money transfers that are thought to be made by Maxwell.

Ms. Kelly McGuire, Special Agent Testifies

Agent McGuire was an FBI agent in charge of searching Epstein’s home for evidence. She spoke on finding many CD”s in Epstein’s massage room. The Jury broke for a break after only a few minutes of questioning.

Day 7- Tuesday December 7th, 2021- 3rd Victim Testifies

Tuesday saw the testimony of a 3rd alleged victim of Maxwell, as well as further testimony from FBI agents who searched Epstein’s home.

Ms. Kelly McGuire, Special Agent Continues Testimony

Agent McGuire continues her testimony of the search of Epstein’s home. She speaks on details of the hard rives , CD’s and other evidence found at Epstein and Maxwell’s shared residence.

US witness is Stephen Flatley

The second witness to testify on the second day is the Prosecution’s witness Stephen Flatley, an FBI agent who managed some of the evidence during the investigation. Namely notes written by Maxwell about her relationship with Epstein. Reading from Maxwell’s note “they are boyfriend and girlfriend unlike what some may think.”

He also testified to the transfer of files when they copied the hard drives found in Epstein’s home. During cross-examination, the Defense attempted to cause sought in the evidence by having Flatley admit he didn’t know whether anything was changed when the files were copied.

Carolyn, the 3rd Victim Testifies

Next to the stand was Carolyn which is the first name of the 3rd alleged victim of Epstein and Maxwell’s grooming scheme. Her testimony was seen by many to be highly favorable to the Prosecution. At the time Carolyn had met Maxwell she was 14. Carolyn was introduced to Maxwell through a different grooming victim Virginia Roberts.

Epstein would pay Carolyn $300 for each ‘massage’. She testified that Maxwell had Carolyn undress and Maxwell ‘inspected’ her and said she had a great body for Epstein. During her testimony, Carolyn explained that she would have intercourse with Epstein. Sometimes others would be in the room.

Carolyn would bring friends and get paid $600 when she would bring friends, and they would get $300. The abuse occurred over the course of several years. Until Carolyn had a child and realized she was too old for Epstein who asked if she had younger friends.

During cross-examination, the Defense showed the Jury that Maxwell was not present during the first visit. And attempted to impeach the witness by mentioning details she had brought up during the Trial were not previously mentioned to the FBI. To which Carolyn said that she had not expected the FBI to come to her home, and may not have included certain details or gotten them correct at that time.

Continuing their cross, the Defense further tried to make Carolyn look like a drug abuser, whose testimony was flawed. At one point, Carolyn appeared to begin to lose her patience and begin to push back against the Defense.

Eventually, Carolyn broke down crying on the stand. After the Prosecution asked about whether or not she was testifying to get money, to which she replied no. The Defense then asked about the $446,000 that Carolyn had lost that much money in 4 years. To which Carolyn said she had children to raise.

At which point the Jury was dismissed for the day.

Day 8- Wednesday December 8th, 2021- Victims Boyfriend Testifies

Day 8 begins with the testimony of a man known only as Shawn.

Shawn, Carolyn’s ex-Boyfriend Testifies

Shawn who worked for Epstein began dating Carolyn when she was 14 and he was 17. He testified that the sessions between Epstein and Carolyn would last about an hour or an hour and 5 minutes.

Nicole Hesse, Previous Epstein Employee

Nicole, who was hired by Maxwell worked for Epstein in 2003. She testified that sealed evidence showed that Carolyn had called Epstein’s home.

Mister Rogers, Epstein’s Second Pilot Testifies

Next to the stand is Mr. Rogers who flew Epstein’s plane from the early 1990’s to 2019. Rogers said there were several trips on which Maxwell, Epstein, Jane, and Virginia Roberts flew on together.

During cross-examination, Maxwell’s attorney accidentally called Rogers Viskoski, suggesting they were reading from the same line of questioning they had for the other pilot.

Day 9- Thursday December 9th, 2021- Lawyer is “sick” Trial postponed

Today’s proceedings were canceled because one of the attorneys involved in the trial is ill.

Day 10- Friday December 10th, 2021- Annie Farmer Testifies

After a Thursday was postponed due to an ill lawyer, day 10 is expected to be the last day of the prosecution’s case as Annie Farmer testifies.

William Brown of the NYS Dept of Motor Vehicles

First, on the stand this Friday was William Brown who works for the DMV. He was asked to verify the age of the person on the ID in 1996. To which Brown responded “11 years old”.

Annie Farmer Victim 4 Testifies

After a short testimony from Brown is victim-4 Annie Farmer, the first victim to use her full name. The Judge prefaced her testimony by saying that the sexual contact that happened in New Mexico was not illegal.

Farmer, the daughter of divorced parents was introduced to Maxwell through her sister that is 9-years her senior and worked for Epstein in NY. Farmer says she was 16 the first time she gave Maxwell a massage. When she met Epstein she went to the movies with him and her sister. During which time Epstein rubbed her leg in the theater. An incident she wrote about in her journal. The journal entry is submitted to evidence.

Soon after this, Farmer flew to NM and met Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein. Similar to NY they went to the movies which Farmer did not want to do. Again Epstein “rubbed” her while they watched the movie. After which they went back to Epstein’s home and Maxwell told Farmer to massage Epstein’s feet. Later Maxwell told her to get undressed and Maxwell ‘felt’ Farmer.

Afterward, Farmer was flown by Epstein to Thailand and Vietnam for “cultural immersion”. Afterward, Annie said she told her mother, brother, media outlets, and the FBI. Then cross-examination began…

They attempt to tear the story apart in normal fashion…

The Prosecution rests its case.

The Defense moves to acquit Maxwell of all charges because there “was no evidence” that showed Maxwell enticed a minor to cross state lines.

The motion was denied.

The Defense moved to have their witnesses remain anonymous. The Judge said she will have a ruling on the 16th.

Dates were set for the Defenses case, for the 16th and 17th, and its expected the Jury will begin deliberation on the 21st of December.

Day 11- Thursday December 16th, 2021- The Defense Begins

The 11th day of the Trial began with the testimony of Cimberly Espinosa.

Cimberly Espinosa Testifies

Ms. Espinosa was an assistant for Maxwell and Epstein who admitted to booking massages fro the couple. She appeared to be very fond of Maxwell, and spoke highly of her, and said she never suspected anything illegal was going on. Espinosa helped with the building of Epstien’s island, and was intimately involved in their life.

Raghu Sud Testifies

Sud works for Shopper’s Travel since 1988, he would help Maxwell and Epstien schedule their travels.

Elizabeth Loftus False Memories Expert Testifies

Perhaps one of the most important witnesses to the Defense was false memory expert Loftus, who has testified at many prominent Trials including the Trial of Harvey Weinstein. After a lengthy explanation of her credentials, she expains how false memories can be implanted. But during cross-examination, her testimony was dissected by AUSA who showed that she only testifies on behalf of the Defense in Trials. Further that she has no expertise when it comes to childhood sexual abuse.

Michael William Aznaran- Border Protection Agent– Testifies

He verified some documents relating to the travel of Annie Farmer.

Dominique Hyppolite Testifies

Hyppolite works for the Palm Beach School District and coordinates the processing of subpoenas. No record of testimony.

Day 12- Friday December 17th, 2021- The Defense Wraps Up

Day 12 began with the begin with Special Agent Jason Richards

Special Agent Jason Richards Testimony

Richards was involved with an investigation into Epstien in Palm Beach. He had spoken with Carolyn and wrote her report.

Agent Young Testimony

Young had spoken with Jane and written her report with Officer Burns. During the testimony, it came out that Young had worked with children who were abused before his position where he took the testimony of Jane. The Defense calls for sidebar, and when they came back, the Judge asked the Jury to strike Young’s last comment.

After the Defense tried to assert that Carolyn had not seen the report as being odd. But on cross Richards said it is unethical to collaborate a report with a witness.

Eva Andersson Testifies

Andersson dated Epstien in the 1980’s off and on into 1991. She was shown photos of her daughter with Epstien. During cross, Andersson admits she has problems with memory lose.

Michelle Healy Testifies

Healy had been at Epstiens Zorro Ranch and told said she had never been involved in a sexualized massage. During cross, she also admitted she had never flown on Epstien’s plane.

Maxwell Says She Will Not Testify

Maxwell says she will not Testify.

Defense Rests…

Day 13- Monday December 20th, 2021- Closing Arguments and Deliberation Begins

Closing arguments started Monday morning.

Prosecution Begins Closing Arguments

Reiterating the opening arguments, the Prosecution digs deep into Maxwell saying multiple times that “she is guilty”, and making a strong case against the Defenses main argument that memories are often false.

Defense’s Closing Arguments

The Defense offers several arguments about false memories, and the witnesses testifying for money. They offered various distractions to the Jury to focus on such as Jane not knowing how old she was on someone else’s birthday.

Prosecution Rebuts

The Prosecution came back and rebutted again dismissing the claims of false memories, and stating several more times that “she is guilty.”

Jury is Read Charges

The Jury is read the 6 counts agonist Maxwell and the laws surrounding the charges.

Read the Maxwell Jury Charge Here

Deliberation Begins

The Jury Deliberated fro about 45 minutes after the charges were read before adjourning.

Day 14-18- December 21st, to the 29th- Jury deliberates for 6 days Before Verdict

After 6 days of Jury deliberation Maxwell has been found guilty on 5 of 6 counts. Read more here.